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Author / Submitted by: BPMODDERz

Hoosier Drag Radials.

Retexture the original drag radials in slrr

I retextures the default slrr drag radials to look like Hoosier tires. Tell me if there is any problem.
[img]http://www.streetlegalmods.com/datas/users/untitled_58198.bmp[/img] Tags: No tags

Download: Hoosier Drag Radials.

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6. Mati-Chivo

2014-11-27 19:11

how install this mod?


5. colbus131

2012-01-03 19:07

This is going easy its a good first mod, just constructive criticism


2011-12-31 19:57

The slrr scripts made it 4 times instead of twice. Thnx for the good comments. BTW go easy this is my first mod.

3. rising sins

2011-12-31 04:20

They loo good Agree with Colbus... But i though MF Team Had a car with similar tires, I know there not the same, since there were a completely Dif tire Texture. But any who GJ.


2. colbus131

2011-12-31 04:08

Would like it alot more if it said it twice not all the way around the tire


2011-12-31 02:04


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