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Author / Submitted by: Amishz

Amishz ENB Settings

This is my ENB setup. It's made for PCU's with low performance's.

Here are some Screens

*** More Screens included in download.

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Download: Amishz ENB Settings

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14. sofianinho

2014-02-19 10:21

So many links broken ! thank's god there is modzona.ru

13. polis98

2011-04-03 12:29

sorry man vienkārši nav tavs bet cits settings un tu pa lat vari atbildēt

12. Amishz

2011-04-03 04:27

Tak Readme failā viss ir rakstīts.
Vienkārši no ENBsettings mapes visu pārliec uz galveno SLRR mapi un viss. ja gribi atspulgus kā man pārnes arī maps mapi uz galveno SLRR mapi

11. polis98

2011-04-03 03:49

es nesaprotu kā viņu uzinstalēt kur man viņu likt

10. benjaboi

2011-04-02 15:47

its a little dark, but good :)

9. redline_racer

2011-04-02 09:22


8. Amishz

2011-04-02 09:22

Sorry, the U letter is mistake. :/

7. Grudas

2011-04-02 09:11


6. Amishz

2011-04-02 07:26

First car is Audi RS4 and second Pontiac GTO 69'


2011-04-02 07:17

What the name on the car on the pic below?

4. Amishz

2011-04-02 04:38

Thank you for that :>


3. robban_9000

2011-04-02 04:37

okey, ye, added the new pic links..

2. Amishz

2011-04-02 04:26

well, sorry about that, maybe thats because i upload them on Latvian image upload service. I'll register on imgaeshack and re-upload pics.


1. robban_9000

2011-04-02 04:02

idk why, but for some reason are ur pics always very slow to load..

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