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Author / Submitted by: FluffyPumpkin

FluffyPumpkin's Catalog

This mod replaces the old SLRR 2.2.1 catalog textures using new Full HD ones. Not tested on 2.3.0LE. Please leave suggestions on what else you'd like t

CatalogueAudiopureXprNR.png CatalogueBodypureHrZAL.png CatalogueDecalspuregkCih.png CatalogueEnginepurezRuSL.png CatalogueIndexpureP83il.png CatalogueInteriorpureAsyWH.png CatalogueRunningGearpureNTc4Y.png Tags: Hd , Texture , Catalog , Menu

Download: FluffyPumpkin's Catalog

Filesize, kB: 3.7890625KB

Downloaded: 320

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12. ted007

2017-11-28 10:47

this mode does not work in le2mwm


11. Zexish

2017-09-17 19:35

that looks stunning


10. Zexish

2017-09-17 19:32

that looks stunning

9. FluffyPumpkin

2016-07-02 14:13

I appreciate the cookie :3

8. StreetKeningston

2016-07-02 14:03

This looks Awesome..sad thing is that im using jack modpack catalog texture that i took it :D
but looking at those pics.. Amazing :woah
here is a cookie

7. FluffyPumpkin

2016-07-01 16:42

By the way, if you like this then check out my other mod, soon there will be many more to come :)

6. FluffyPumpkin

2016-07-01 16:42

Thanks guys :D I have a tip for you Burn Rubber, when you look for images in google filter them by exact resolution. When you go to images on the top menu you should see search tools. Click on it and another menu on the bottom will appear. There you should find a button that says size, open it and there is an option to look by exact. Then just type the resolution image you're looking for (for example 1920 x 1080). And I think your catalog menu will be pretty suitable for other people who prefer your style :)

5. Burn Rubber

2016-07-01 04:01

I gotta admit, This puts my catalog texture mod to shame. :))

4. Miegalius

2016-07-01 03:50

Hey, these are pretty good

3. FluffyPumpkin

2016-06-28 21:00

I just realized the website isn't showing all of my pics and I don't know how to edit it back so you just have to trust me, it's good :P

2. FluffyPumpkin

2016-06-28 20:58

You're welcome :)

1. Sterling

2016-06-28 18:21


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