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Author / Submitted by: BenyUK

Beny's ENB settings

Settings for weak gpu's

ENB Performance Settings
To activate press Shift+F12 in game
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Download: Beny's ENB settings

Filesize, kB: 100KB

Downloaded: 2019

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10. MadsHolm

2014-05-31 10:06

How to install the mod??


9. obilephne

2012-10-29 14:01

8. ijdevil

2012-04-18 04:04

What sound mod are you using...fukin badass....you can inbox it if its one of those "hush hush" mods

7. mbrunoa

2012-04-16 17:29

good work man!!!, but... where did you get that speedmeter, sorry for my english... it isn't very well


6. Daniel

2012-04-13 22:49

Probably Tariell's Vette.

Dude, you're a dangerous driver hahaha :D


5. BenyUK

2012-04-11 22:28

@g4tnt: Thanks a lot! i appreciate it
@redline_racer: physics may look different because im using xbox 360 controller(smooth steering)
@PXRZ: I found that vette at modmakers.ru
@Varga Viktor: Yeah its J2 muffler pack, awesome quality :-)

4. Varga Viktor

2012-04-11 22:09

Is that my mufflers? *THUMBS UP*
Juiced 2 Muffler Pack?


2012-04-11 15:43

Is that Corvette a work of yours or something you found somewhere which is where?

2. redline_racer

2012-04-11 14:27

somehow the physics in your game look completely different.. ontopic.. its a little overbloomed

1. g4tnt

2012-04-11 02:02

nice driving beny this looks gud will giv it a try

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