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Author / Submitted by: Brandino

Brandino's SLRR Pack

This is a very stable copy of SLRR with some very high quality mods. It's a great place to start a new game.

(I take no responsibility for creating any of these great mods)
-BMW E30 M3
-Ford/Shelby Mustang SN95
-Nissan R34 GTR
-Toyota Supra
-MagnumForce Streed Rod Cars
(Replaces all the original cars with 60's-80's muscle cars)

-CMS Brakes
-MrSir Running Gear
-Multiple Rims & Tire Packs
-NFS MW Wings

-Devils V6
-Devils V8
-GM V8
-Mazda 13B
-Nissan RB26+DET+DETT
-Honda K Series
-Toyota 4AGE
-Toyota 2JZGTE
-Nissan VR38DETT
(All engines are already usable in every car)


Sidenote: I HIGHLY recommend you install this as the blowers are finicky with the MForce cars. http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/tools/Realtime-adjustable-engine

Please comment any bugs you find so I can fix and re-upload the RAR! Tags: Bugfree , Modpack , Slrr

Download: Brandino's SLRR Pack

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Downloaded: 5811

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18. morro8

2016-10-30 11:04

yeah, i just got a worm downloading this.... https://gyazo.com/0bc89ade2450e8d593df9e891dadbf5c

Edit: it started in the honda k series, didn't get shots of all of the quarantined stuff


17. yu4050570

2016-09-18 04:20



16. paulius514

2016-08-31 07:01

Can someone write me a download link, because I cant find it


15. Louie

2016-08-30 05:33

Constantly battling a crashing game when in Valo city, or customising my car.

Seems to be very unstable, or is it just me?

Being played on Windows 10.

Note: Only began working after deleting the "options" file in save/game.

Do I need do do anything else to make this version stable?



14. BlanketBurrito

2016-08-28 21:20

I'm guessing this is MWM?


13. Seujiro

2016-04-22 13:28

Whenever I click on fuel delivery in the shop it crashes, or try to install NOS on my car. Help?


12. 1320life

2016-03-30 17:20

when i click on the .exe file it does the blue circle load thing and nothing happens can you guys help?

i already tried the administrator mode and compatability mode

11. Fireful0

2016-03-30 16:03

In between the two ads. ;)


10. 1320life

2016-03-30 15:59

i dont even to get the option to download it, where do i click?


9. asdflkj

2016-03-19 02:17

Your a fucking idiot

8. Raudonas21

2016-03-07 08:52

Please fix this:

!JVM::assignmentConversion: typecast failed (I)Ljava.lang.String; in file "java.game.cars.MC_GT" at line 17
!JVM::assignmentConversion: typecast failed (I)Ljava.lang.String; in file "java.game.cars.MC_GTB" at line 17
!JVM::assignmentConversion: typecast failed (I)Ljava.lang.String; in file "java.game.cars.MC_GTLE" at line 17


7. Hendy1775

2016-02-21 09:26

work well


6. sluger17

2016-01-22 22:44

can't put any of the GM engines in the cars because it says it needs a radiator but no radiator shows up to be compatible.


5. ryderslider

2016-01-19 11:25

Yes you can play it without CD.


4. greasemonkey

2016-01-17 02:55

Can i play without the disk? i lost my cd... how do you install i am kinda new at the patches and downloads


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