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Author / Submitted by: MikeShinodaSLR

SLRR Light Edition

SLRR Light Edition

by Michael Shinoda

Main features:

- based on BB93 v1.1 and includes all of its changes
- uncompressed game weighs 256 mb, compressed 94 mb
- the ability to use modifications from 2.3.0 LE
- made completely new interface
- improved overall stability of the game
- by default the game has 3 engines and 1 car
- the game is fully compatible with mods except MW_Mod.rpk file


- no more crashes in the city, at dealers and on the tracks due to the bad quality mods:
-- which means that now you walkthrough the game without losing progress
- completely new headlights and navigator scripts:
-- fixed crash caused by navigator
-- fixed inability to turn on the lights at a certain time
- improved video settings:
-- textures and shadows resolution increased to 8192 px
-- view distance increased to 10000 m
-- added the ability to disable track fog
- improved the painter mode scripts, now it working faster
- improved the mechanic mode scripts:
-- fixed inability to sell single part in the inventory without dragging it to the button
-- fixed loss of controlling car by mouse when using the mechanic mode on the track
-- fixed disappearance of parts from inventory when using the mechanic mode on the track
-- fixed duplication of parts in the inventory
- fixed "mad" cursor in the garage (when it was difficult to select the car part)
- many other small fixes and improvements


- the position of the standard osd elements adapted for 16:9 screens
- all standard wheels were replaced by steelies and don't appear in the catalog
- high-quality textures of asphalt and some objects in the city and on the tracks
- shadows for traffic cars and some objects in the city
- completely new garage
- new battery model
- new catalog


- add money and save game buttons in the garage
- parts position scripts with the possibility of changing the accuracy
- added the ability to disable the adjustability of the hood, trunk and doors
- extended possibilities of engine parts tuning:
-- adjustable fuel type script
-- adjustable engine block deck height and bore, cylinder head valve diameters and supercharger pulley diameter
- adjustable standard suspension, shocks, springs and swaybars
- F6 and F7 keys to the car on track repair duplicated by F10 and F11
- the ability to enter the garage from Track Selector
- the ability to disable police chase on the Test Track
- the ability to disable Time Attack on the Nevada Desert
- the ability to disable day and night races in Valo City
- Drift Mode setting which increases tire grip
- the ability to disable driver model from the options menu
- working swaybars script which can be turned off from the options menu
- the ability to customize the game interface


- standard cars, wheels, wings and some other parts
- Destruction Tools and the car jack

Patch 1.01 fixes:

- fixed incorrect track fog behavior on low view distances
- values of Real and Emulated FFB Strength in the options menu have been adjusted
- fixed a bug causing the game to crash due to incorrect parts kits scripts
- other small cosmetic changes


FallVL - Frontend Textures
Lyoncha - Navigator and Lights Scripts
Mindeliszz - Swaybars Sripts
MisterSir - Suspension Scripts
Apendix - Adjustable Engine Scripts
RAXAT - Garage Cursor Fix
G4TNT - NOS Flames Texture
BenyUK - Lights and Smoke Textures
Jack_1990 - Catalog Kit Texture
Andrey Sych - Steelies Model
GTR-X-ITE - Edited Objects
Vasya Ivanov - Testing, Help and Support
Maxim Tiranov - Testing, Help and Support
Nikita Vishnyovsky - Testing, Help and Support
Grisha Fagradyan - Testing, Help and Support
Markovich Lazar - Testing, Help and Support
Konstantin Kosov - Testing, Help and Support

Download mirrors:

- Mirror 1: yadi.sk
- Mirror 2: yadi.sk
- Mirror 3: mediafire.com
- Mirror 4: mega.nz

Patch 1.01 downloads:

- Mirror 1: yadi.sk
- Mirror 2: mediafire.com

Patch 1.01 notes:

- included to the main game archive since 24/Aug/2017
- if you had any extras from Optional Downloads section installed, you have to download and install them again

See also:

- SLRR FXD Team VK page
- SLRR Light Edition VK page
Tags: Slrr , Fxd , Light Edition

Download: SLRR Light Edition

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43. MikeShinodaSLR

2017-09-03 14:52

veyron155, that's really strange actually, cause for me it works fine. Try to test your ENB on another SLRR version and if it will work try to replace LE's StreetLegal_Redline.exe file to another one.

42. veyron155

2017-09-02 15:08

I already did everything, already checked the .ini and it did not work, I tested all the enbseries I have here

41. MikeShinodaSLR

2017-09-01 07:41

veyron155, thank you. That's strange that your ENB doesn't work. What kind of error does it show to you? If there is no error, try to check key bindings in the main enbseries.ini file.

40. veyron155

2017-08-29 15:56

Man, your version of slrr is perfect, but I can not use enb series

39. MikeShinodaSLR

2017-08-27 13:42

Stevo2, thank you very much! I'm very glad to hear such words.

Kassett, this version has 2.2.1MWM as base, but have some features from 2.3.0LE and a lot more. And you can install new physics to this game, I tested mindedrift's (mindeliszz) one and the game worked prefect. The only thing is that you can't replace Config.java file cause it was modified to support some features of SLRR LE.

38. Stevo2

2017-08-26 19:47

Been using Light Edition since you released it and haven't looked back.
Haven't had any problems with it so the update is just a bonus really (thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse). As a platform for modding, it doesn't get any better than this version IMHO. Good work!


37. Kassett

2017-08-25 18:48

In this version I can install new physics ??
Because when I install one for mwm the game is damaged


36. Kassett

2017-08-25 18:46

This version of SLRR Light Edition, is the same as for example. SLRR 2.3.0LE ??

35. MikeShinodaSLR

2017-08-22 09:50

PlatinumDiamondX, only your native resolution will work in the fullscreen mode.
As for the screenshots, do you hear special sound when taking em? If yes, check if "screenshots" folder exists, if no, make sure you pressing correct button to take a screenshot.


34. PlatinumDiamondX

2017-08-14 08:47

pics don't show up on screenshots folder


33. PlatinumDiamondX

2017-08-12 17:01

which resolution is good for fullscreen?

I keep getting errors everytime I set it to fullscreen

32. MikeShinodaSLR

2017-07-11 11:13

Ohyeahbaby, yes, you can. Feel free to do it :) I created SLRR LE exactly for this purposes.


31. Ohyeahbaby

2017-07-10 05:14

Hello, can i create a mod pack with this, upload it here, i will credit you, so that more people know how awesome is SLRR-LE

30. MikeShinodaSLR

2017-05-25 14:31

smittysweet, just increase the steering help value in the options menu to control cars easier. And if it crashes on races, the problem must be in cars you added to the game. Check the error.log file to see which one causes the crash.


29. smittysweet

2017-05-23 15:05

any reason why I cant race in drag races it just crashes when its loading after accepting a race and the control of the cars is horrible unless you bring air down on tires and sometimes that doesn't work but other than that this version is sweet


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