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Author / Submitted by: SLRR_FXD


SLRR BY L93v5!

- Script: Valo race day + night (l93_vip)
- Script: old back injury (can be customized)
- Script: the dealer to pay more for buying a car
(You can earn from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000)
- Script: 21 cleaning machine at the dealer (used dealership, BONUS folder)
- Scrpit: Stock and Mod motors are not together
- Script: 3 times more traffic in Valo, than in the original SLRR
- Script: machine in a new place in the garage (not in V1)
- Script: straight wheels in the garage (not in V1)
- Script: prestige in the beginning of the game 270
- Script: button in the garage: SAVE
- Script: button in the garage: MONEY (+ 100.000 $)
- Script: button in the garage: VALOcity
- Script: button in the garage: TESTtrack
- Script: very little tire wear !!!
- Script: Physics 2 (Normal + Drift: v1 + v2,
for good drifta better set DRIFTv2)
- Script: a new career starts at 8 am
- Script: dealers operate from 8 to 20
- Script: time does not change when you select a track,
and return the track to the garage c
- Script: cheap repair machines
- Script: machine complete renovation
(Max was 95%, max was 100%)
- Script: nalezayut all tires on all wheels
(From 5.0 inch to 15.0 inch)
- Script: less time is spent on the installation of parts
- Script: removed the haze on the tracks
- Script: some new engine kits
- Script: Airbag / Min: 2.0; Max: 20.0
- Script: MrSirRG / CamberMAX: 15.5 / MIN: -15.5 / SpacerMAX: 1000
- Script: FuelInjectorSystem (diesel, 95,98 ...)
- Script: Track / Valo / Roc Car fix (F7)
- Script: the new codes:
1.bfm (old: begformoney)
2.roc (old: letmeroc)
3.promo (old: fastpromotion)
4.cheat (old: i like cheating)5.time (old: timemachine)
- ROC race run!
- Valo race run!
- Used dealerhip works!
- New dealerhip works!
- The purchase of complete machines
- All cars have the engine
- Prime DLH 500 (1000HP engine)
- L93 vip envmaps
- Neon lights
- Main menu VIDEO *
- Track selector VIDEO *
- Some new textures
- Changed infa about cars in the garage

- If you eject from the game due to the 2JZ-GTE, in BONUS folder have an old version (2JZ-GTEv1),
This is the same engine only with other textures ,
which will not stop the game .
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
! FIX! - For those who do not start the game because of the video.
- Added color for the money and time
- HQ Stock car
- In all STOCK MOD and some engines have their own category (as in slrr_by_jack!)
- HQ Stock car racing in the ROC
- Slrr_editor sees all engines.
- 2 new VIP motor (Sr20det and 2JZ-GTE)
- Fixed: the game has stopped working after errora:
This tire is to narrow "
- Fixed: the game has stopped working when the dealer came at 7 am
- Fixed: can not move parts
- Fixed: flickering title parts in the garage
- Fixed several small bugs
- A lot of interesting and useful in BONUS folder
Tags: Racing , Fxd , Slrr

Download: SLRR_FXD

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18. _GhostPlayer_

2017-09-13 18:32

This is the best version of SLRR that i have found to this date although i've got some issues with this version of the game:

- Sometimes the car parts (sometimes the chassis too) turn gray and i can't paint them;
- Some tyres like the SpeedHunters or the Toyo Tyres get invisible which makes my game crash when i try to save or get to the main menu;
- Some brakes are invisible;
- Sometimes while at the main menu when i click on anything the game closes and i have to close it trought the task manager, many times when is happends all of my cars in my saved game disappear


17. Mc.Lovin.222

2017-07-23 18:57

For all those having issues with the link. Here is a Mediafire link: Mediafire SLRR_by_L93v5.rar


16. Stanced_MINT

2017-07-12 20:19

Can you not upload to Yadi?
It's possibly the worst site ever, randomly just saying download exceed thingy.
I've never downloaded anything from it since it always says it.
Anyone can upload to Mediafire or Mega?

15. SupraMaster

2017-03-09 00:33

Is this based on 2.2.1 or 2.3.0?

14. Trollgamer4

2016-12-28 05:43

You should update this :)


13. victor1247

2016-11-23 02:24

Great Version!!! Only Thing Missing Is The Mini Map


12. DDody

2016-10-13 15:31

Game crash when i launch :'( why ?

11. thothomas

2016-09-05 20:11

just have one question.. how the hell do i turn of the 4wd on every damn car in the game?


10. jameslinton50

2016-08-27 21:01

Just downloaded this the other night, have had no problems with crashing yet the game runs perfect. Just wanna thank the dev for the effort and taking the time to do it right. I have done many DIY versions myself and always got to a point where it would crash. Gonna enjoy this masterpiece!

Cheers SLRR_FXD Keep up this great work..


9. MLGRacingGuy

2016-08-22 18:10

i got it, i try to run it but then it tells me i need to insert 'The Disk'. plz help

8. jasam

2016-08-22 08:02

Map isn't shown, no HUD (car and tachometer), and the issues I accounted for in my previous comment... oh and tires too :P
I hope you fix that and much more I haven't even see.... btw, the game crashed about 5 sec after I went to Valo City


7. zzzxxx36987

2016-08-20 04:39

map not showing in game how to fix it ?


6. Timo654

2016-08-19 16:13

5. AhmadNaim93

2016-08-19 10:58

Please fix the download link. Thanks.

4. TheOne10118

2016-08-18 21:04

greeat, now people dont have to search through vk for it.


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