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Author / Submitted by: Amilmand

Slrr Exhaustive

Very large collection with advanced fixes addressing stability.

Slrr Exhaustive

I uploaded a backwards compatibility breaking updated full download with new content (+3 engines +20 chassis)
and drastically reduced potentially loaded scripts which should extend crashfree playtime.
I also made sure every car has proper head, tail and break lights also there are
a lot of new physics related tweakable variables in the reshade settings.
I made every car stable in the air and adjusted(and simplified) all the
weights now one should only edit the main cfg if one wants to change
the balance of a car (which is set to "never flip" as default)

The main download:

Get The New SlrrExhaustive From GoogleDrive

Ever refreshing patch link:

Patch Link For The New SlrrExhaustive

Last patch for the Old:

Patch Link For The Old SlrrExhaustive

Old description:

-200 chassis models -272 tyres -2042 rims -150 custom tournaments on 20 maps against racers from the Valocity ladder during career mode (random racers otherwise) -232 pre-built engines available from the catalogue (any engine any car) -Packed into a working(video footage provided) Slrr(all java sources provided where available, I even found the source for system classes) -Responsive catalogue -Properly working Valocity and dealers (custom paintjobs on dummy race cars in Valocity during career mode and custom random generated opponents during night races and in tournaments) -Every racer chassis customizable with nicely aligned paintjobs and with extra parts (10 different wide chassis compatible with all 200 chassis types) -Bigfoot wheels (working semi-properly with collision on the wheels) -Advanced bugfixes to the Slrr.exe: (Ida .idb and Olly .udd data included) -Decal projection (crashed slrr when trying to paint a car with a model with more than 32767 vertices) -Flying traffic cars -Lag on collision -Lag on look back, and generally looking around -AI racer cars could not accelerate on sideways slopes -Forced resource unloading addressing memory consumption -Lag on spatial boundary crossing with a car that has large textures(this is what is happening at the end of the 4th gameplay video and why it does not happen in the 5th) -Reshade customized for Slrr (Resahde source code provided under the BSD 3-clause license (https://github.com/crosire/reshade/blob/master/LICENSE.md)) -DOF effect that does not affect the UI -Velocity dependent radial blur -Dynamic reflection map -AmbientLight -Bloom -MXAO(behind particle effects) -and anything that reshade can compile -Variables customizable (on the fly) from in-game reshade dialog(when in customization mode under the dubious ReflectionSettings.fx): -Reflection Strength overwrite -Other vehicle-material properties overwrite(specular power, color, refelction color...) -Part deformation strength -Car deformation strength (loss of driveability) -Part detachment damage(how much you have to beat a part for it to fall off) -Flop disabling(doors and hood will not open on collision) (with the variables above you can make an old-NFS style indestructible car) -Engine wear -Tyre wear -AI power slide ignore factor(how much sliding the AI ignores when deciding whether to accelerate along a spline) -AI over-breaking -AI over-steering (these ones below can solve a lot of lagging) -Maximum texture reserved memory -Maximum vertex data memory -Maximum sound memory -Maximum script instances -Resource loadrate and others Controls for the game(not customizable): -P put the car back if it has flipped -1,2,3 simulation-time manipulation -O (not a zero)toggle checkpoint markers during tournaments -Esc return to tournament garage during tournaments (while watching a race or to give up) -ctrl+shift+F10 for reshade menu -ctrl+shift+F11 to toggle reshade effects -"Tune" the chassis in the garage to move the wheels(Big foot mode) the engine or to overwrite the engine sound In game pictures: Gamefootage(near-potato pc): Bigfoot: All cars (and kind of a stress test)

Download Slrr Exhaustive from GoogleDrive

All of the above and everything linked is provided as-is, feel free to extend but you know dont be a dick.
Tags: Career , Valocity , Tournaments , Stability , Graphics

Download: Slrr Exhaustive

Filesize, kB: 4488.546875KB

Downloaded: 729

report broken link

62. amilmand

2018-02-21 20:16

or download the shiny new version (decompressing should be easier as there were no post-compression meddling yet)

61. amilmand

2018-02-19 16:15

Please apply the latest patch if you haven't yet
(SlrrExhaustive Patch Link)


60. jonaspo

2018-02-19 14:22

done extracting in 3 days . file by file :D nice mod , but m8 . very crashy to me

59. amilmand

2018-02-18 14:14

7zip should really have no problem with the archive I just tried it (and succeeded) with version 9.20
and it only has 240Mb of memory usage so that should not be a problem either.
You can try UniExtract this can extract practically anything that can be extracted


58. jonaspo

2018-02-17 13:10

im trying all day to extract the exe with winrar and 7zip . crashes on extracting :/

57. amilmand

2018-02-12 07:39

You are pressing the REBUY button not the repair button I moved the functionality around please read the text the game gives you when clicking (or dragging to) the buttons on the "mechanic strip".
Nevertheless rebuying the part should also repair it optically aswell, I fixed this in the patch link (same as always)
(SlrrExhaustive Patch Link)


56. ryderslider

2018-02-12 05:18

hey. nice Game, but if i repair my car, the parts are after repair damaged(optical), physical are they on 100%

any solutions?

cant take screeenshots( donĀ“t know how it works)

55. amilmand

2018-02-10 23:45

Thank you for the report!
Yes, I owed this invalid wear fix for a long time...
(I now updated every function the game reports invalid wear (<0) it will instead get the absolute value of the wear)
I uploaded a new patch to the same link also addressing the other issues you listed.
If you have time and a little enthusiasm left please report back if this solves the issues on your end (I know we are talking about a random crash but nevertheless if you find something else I would be thankful if you'd dropped a comment here (or a pm))
(SlrrExhaustive Patch Link)

54. Thetrain

2018-02-10 21:49

Yes got it downloaded! Just had my first crash with it after playing all day today sadly all my cars deleted :(

When it Happened: I won at Valo City taking 17th place from the NPC and it crashed

Invalid wear!
Invalid wear!
!syntax error in file .\cars\racers\Beetle66\scripts\src\L_sema.java at line 14
!division by zero at file "java.game.CarInfo" at line 436
!division by zero at file "java.game.CarInfo" at line 443

53. amilmand

2018-02-10 18:03

Glad you found it dont forget the latest patch.
(SlrrExhaustive Patch Link)

52. Thetrain

2018-02-10 17:23

Nevermind haha, Shift + F10 ;)

51. Thetrain

2018-02-10 17:11

Anyway to get rid of the hazy blue visual pack? Love this version just causes me to be dizzy with the haziness.


50. Hella Dope

2018-01-25 15:09

why no 1jz engine

49. amilmand

2018-01-23 22:19

I updated the file under the SlrrExhaustive patch it now includes the "new" selfreflection avoidance,
also somehow the physics mesh of the front right window of the HellcatCharger I really have no clue how but broke the game in a very peculiar way...
on the car.wakeUp() the car would disappear leaving the driver floating in the air, also before the wakeUp() there would be no shadows rendered for the whole hierarchy (the car)...
Nervertheless I fixed it now that window uses the others physics mesh...
This is very strange as it isn't caused by the reashade or the exe manipulation but it worked flawlessly before and I have not changed any of the files related since a long time and I cant really see anything bad with that particular mesh even compared to the left one which the game can handle (they are practically the same...)
I dont know.
(I tried all the other cars and there was no other example of this behaviour)

(SlrrExhaustive Patch Link)

48. amilmand

2018-01-22 19:03

The extreme rims (the Bentley and the Grove) will work with the extreme tyres (Naxxis, Tractor),
for any other case if you put the rim on the car the catalogue will tell you if the tyre is compatible with the installed rim or not.


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