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Author / Submitted by: Sparky

B.O.R.A.T (2.3.0LE)

convert your RPKs to 230LE

B.O.R.A.T. is a program which takes RPKs from Street Legal 2.2.1 mods and allows you to convert them for use with Street Legal 2.3.0LE. It does this by presenting you with a list of all the parts, which you can then sort into the new and improved catalog sections that came with 2.3.0LE. There is an Autosort feature too, which should do a lot of the work for you, but still make sure you verify the results.

Not all cars can be converted, some of them have bugs which cause them to be inoperable in 2.3.0LE, and these bugs are usually not the fault of the converter. Often there are bugs in the .class files of the cars which cannot be fixed without the source code. You might find one or two little bugs in the program, but I wouldn't bother telling me about them since there is about a 0% chance of me fixing them.

I am by no means responsible for all the incredibly stupid and illegal things that will no doubt be done with this thing, so please, this time around can we lay off the hate mail? If it gets as bad as last time I'll remove it, and possibly neuter your computer if you're very unlucky. Don't ask me how that's done, because I'm not sure yet, but I bet it's not a pretty sight. Tags: No tags

Download: B.O.R.A.T (2.3.0LE)

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15. devilrider666

2016-12-05 21:58

ive tried to fix the issue with parts in the wrong section with this an still isnt working.... maybe im doing it wrong or something. but need a lil help figuring out how to use. thanks in advance

14. ZASharpEYE

2014-12-12 22:26

Can someone make a video how to use this?? thanksss!


13. matiasjuul007

2014-11-25 16:14

how to get this to work with windows 8 64 bit?


12. kenji mafia

2013-09-08 10:00

Hey man can u teach me how to use b.o.r.a.t...cuz from yesterday i was working to change a diegorborges // speed factory headcover.....

help me please anyone...


11. GlockMagic

2013-04-01 22:06

where can i find one for 2.2.1MWM ?


10. jeffen

2012-02-08 02:05

i only have 4 barrel's?? :s what to do?

9. Christopher Jason

2012-01-14 02:19


8. getzoned

2012-01-12 02:26

can this or is there a different one where it can turn 2.3.0LE mods into 2.2.1

7. siim11s

2011-03-01 18:30

Yea, I successfully tried that moments ago after gathering bravery since I've reinstalled the game about 27 times the last few days.. (=

what I'm trying to figure out now tho is if/how I can make new catalog sections so I can use BORAT to sort parts according to MWM's structure. I'll start a new thread in the help section if any1 is interested - LINK

6. Christopher Jason

2011-03-01 17:18

drag and drop within program

5. siim11s

2011-03-01 12:15

Can this somehow also be used to sort parts in the catalog for use with 211MWM?

For example if I want to move a bearing bridge from
"engine" -> "cylinder heads" to "body parts" -> "other"...

Just a yes/no answer is fine from someone who KNOWS, I'm happy to try an make it work as long as I know there is light at the end of the tunnel (=

- an optimistic n00b,



2010-10-20 10:47

Could you please develop the tool so you can use it also as a rpk maker. For example, if you want to change one of the stock engines such as add a new gearbox from a diffrent engine like the i6 gearboxes? :right


3. nosbanger

2010-10-03 09:28

Well done. Thanks!


2. Erico11

2010-07-27 11:58

Very Nice High 5 (Borat Movie)


1. slrr tuner

2010-01-25 03:21

works perfect thanks man =)

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