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Author / Submitted by: Miran

CFG Flager

Tool for calculating render flags in .cfg files

Tool for calculating render flags in .cfg files

With it you can create more advenced lights glowig and other misc features (if you ingenious enought :P) Tags: No tags

Download: CFG Flager

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9. tolga1308061

2012-10-27 11:35


8. Miran

2010-06-23 12:58

I you select brake - it will be render when brake
If you select brake and negation - it will be render when you not brake

It's usefull, you can do two renders, for off and on lighthousing and change them during braking for example

7. Christopher Jason

2010-06-23 12:15

Thats why he said more advanced Flags LOl :P

6. Franco

2010-06-23 09:56

woha! nice script! didn't know that you can mix the flags

5. Grudas

2010-06-23 09:10

oh.. thats what they do ;D thanks! never changed them so it wasn't important :) its kinda good for new supercars! which have the brake "blinking" if you know what i mean :)


4. robban_9000

2010-06-23 08:59

grudas they are important, becuse its them who decides what the glow should do.. if it should just glow, or if it should glow when u brake for example.

3. Grudas

2010-06-23 08:56

how does that work? render flags? what are they? and why are they important? i see them in cfg but never found any use for glows? unless it can make the glow smaller somehow?


2. robban_9000

2010-06-23 08:20

what is negation? :o lol

1. fox68

2010-06-23 08:08

Yah baby!!! :D thanks bro :)

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