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Author / Submitted by: Davidov


A minor mod I made



Yes, it makes adding LE mods to MWM possible without converting :)
It's pretty useful, especially when everyone is whining about having to convert stuff to MWM to enjoy those new tracks (me included).

As the name says : Install onto your MWM...clean or modded. But start a new career. Just unzip.

You may notice some cars are not working. I have no idea why. They just aren't...Life's tough, get used to it.


Bugs and Fixes:
-Replacement Devil's V8 crashes the game, but I have made it addon and included it in this package, so now it's OK to use
-Engine kits also appear in "Clutches and Flywheels" section. That is because V12 engine's "Clutch & Flywheel" section has the same SuperID as the "Engine kits" section.
-Even though the icons shouldn't disappear (since I fixed that problem), if they do, replace frontend.rpk with the normal 2.2.1. one.
-Added modified Devil's V6 into the pack since the normal one's exhaust headers didn't appear in the catalog
-Fixed problem with battery and NOS textures not showing
-Fixed problem with LE shocks and springs not showing up (such as MisterSir's pack)
-Fixed 'missing cylinder head' error for Devil's V8



I have updated the game. I have made sure the rims filter works properly. So now, you will also have a rim filter which sorts the rims according to their size, just like the original MWM :)
I have included 2 versions : One with V12 support (but this means you will encounter the second listed bug - check bugs, higher up the page) and one without V12 support, which makes that disappear, but as I said, leaves the game incompatible with any V12 engine which uses LE SuperID's. Just replace the catalog.class of the original. Yes, that means you'll need the original package, and you'll overwrite that catalog.class with the one from the update.



Thanks to
Miran for the help he offered me and sources.
RAXAT for anwsering my n00bish questions.
Rolts and Diegorborges for testing, and their support and optimism that made me continue working on this mod :)
Credit for the paint goes to GT4.




Disclaimer - Experimental - Use at your own risk. If your SLRR f**ks up, it's because of something else, OK ? If you don't like it, stop bitching, turn off your PC, go outside and play soccer...If you want tech support, don't PM me, since I will probably just ignore the PM unless it's something serious. If you don't like it, don't use it, simple as that.

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Download: LE 2 MWM

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18. redline_racer

2010-09-17 11:45

yup. 2.2.1 then patch to MWM then patch to LE2mwm

17. XRRoy

2010-08-24 06:54

So all we need is, 2.21, 2.21 MWM, then LE2MWM? Sorry but this really confused me... lol

16. redline_racer

2010-08-17 10:10

your english sucks try again

15. tikku

2010-08-16 10:51

can i but there a engines to

14. benjaboi

2010-08-01 12:30

you need to use slrr editor and register the engines with the cars, dont worry we were all noobs at one point, i remember when i found this game, i didnt know wtf i was doin LOL :D


13. markhor

2010-07-18 11:49

i can't put the v6 or devil v8 engine to any car both in MWM and LE 2 MWM. any suggestion? or maybe i must download another car that can properly mount those engines?


12. Komants

2010-07-17 15:41

when i tray to un pack it it says disk error and tahts it :S

11. SLRass

2010-07-14 13:53

hmm...every mod for LE works now on the MWM....what about the Meskis textures mod?

10. Sekailain

2010-06-30 03:18

hmmm, i have a conclusion .. my engine catalog have 2 or more same stuff in it :( ....
example : V6 head cover right, it shows 3 times in my catalog ...
i'm confused, any suggestions ? Also about the parts catalog,
the MWM have a more catalog in engine section, so we can buy a single parts quicker ...
will you make it too ? hehehehe :)
thanks mate :)

9. Christopher Jason

2010-06-14 08:58

Yes thats the point of LE2MWM

8. ololos

2010-06-13 22:02

so if now download a car for LE will work now on MWMLE?

7. minitrucker6669

2010-06-08 12:06

i figured it out thanks for being a dick.
also does this mod/update allow you to add different maps/tracks?

6. redline_racer

2010-06-07 10:59

in SLRRs SL folder. DUUUUH damn noobs

5. minitrucker6669

2010-06-05 14:57

where are all the files supposed to go?? theres no read me


4. blackdash

2010-06-05 12:20

quick question; so this stops crashin The engine kits From the V8 Devils?? Really? :P Cuz i dont donload anything anymore be4 i know sure xD


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