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Rename All

A tool that allows you to Convert SLRR paintjob files to .jpg format for editing then back to SLRR files. A must have for anyone that wants to have a detailed paintjob :] !!! Tags: No tags

Download: Rename All

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7. RedCarDriver

2014-09-14 18:59

Link fixed, per popular request.


6. tolga1308061

2012-10-27 12:29



5. Jase Trenner

2011-05-08 19:01

Heres the question, why is it named 'rename all' ??? I thought it renamed all the parts and stuff of cars instead of just the chassis named e.g. 'shelby cobra' and all MC parts, it would rename the whole thing...


4. d3m0n1c

2009-03-31 13:32

i never realised you needed to convert them to use edit them, i always just told it to auto send the files to my PS pro

3. Christopher Jason

2009-03-29 15:19

iv had this since it cam out haha i should uploaded it for all the nobs but didnt

2. Davidov

2009-03-29 13:17

I'm still wondering how the hell this thing wasn't uploaded yet. I mean this is at least two years old.

1. Rolts

2009-03-29 13:12

I made something like this for Sly. Didn't really feel the need for anything like this, until I started working on the Porsche paintjobs.

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