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Author / Submitted by: Sparky

Rename All (tool for renaming textures)

A tool that allows you to Convert SLRR paintjob files to .jpg format for editing then back to SLRR files. A must have for anyone that wants to have a detailed paintjob :] !!!

Link generated 2/3/18
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Download: Rename All (tool for renaming textures)

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5. RedCarDriver

2014-09-14 18:59

Link fixed, per popular request.


4. d3m0n1c

2009-03-31 13:32

i never realised you needed to convert them to use edit them, i always just told it to auto send the files to my PS pro

3. Christopher Jason

2009-03-29 15:19

iv had this since it cam out haha i should uploaded it for all the nobs but didnt

2. Davidov

2009-03-29 13:17

I'm still wondering how the hell this thing wasn't uploaded yet. I mean this is at least two years old.

1. Rolts

2009-03-29 13:12

I made something like this for Sly. Didn't really feel the need for anything like this, until I started working on the Porsche paintjobs.

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