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Author / Submitted by: Roltzy

Resource Converter

Resource Converter
by Roltzy

Use this for converting RDBs back to RPKs and for decoding RPKs to RDBs easily.
All the files must be in the directory of the program along with resdecode.exe and resconvert.exe.

Written in Visual C# 2008 and requires .NET Framework 2.0. Tags: No tags

Download: Resource Converter

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10. tolga1308061

2012-10-27 11:35


9. redline_racer

2010-06-04 04:08

YEAH that will help me with adding new models to cars !!

8. JAG

2010-05-24 23:07

Oh, and in case you don't know how to use it, all you do is drop it in the folder where you have the resdecode.exe and resconvert.exe, then double click it. Once it's running, it will show you all the rpks and rdbs you have in the folder (rdbs on the left, rpks on the right. Then you just double click whatever you want to decode or convert, and it does it for you without you having to bring up the command prompt and typing all that crap.

If you have a rpk to decode, just fire this up and double click the rpk and voila! Instant rdb! The same process applies for converting it back to an rpk from rdb.

7. JAG

2010-05-24 23:00

It converts rpk files to rdb and vice-versa. I like it cuz it save typing resdecode XXX and resconvert XXX when working with rpks.

6. redline_racer

2010-05-23 12:56

ive already forgotten wht this does

5. Christopher Jason

2010-05-23 07:56

No idea I whent looking for it and it wasnt there

4. Rolts

2010-05-22 12:32

Hmmm. Why?

3. Christopher Jason

2010-05-22 06:55

Its the same jsut the other Go deleted from the Download area

2. Grudas

2010-05-22 06:35

ye whats changed? or is it the same one?


1. robban_9000

2010-05-22 05:00

lol, a new one? ^^

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