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Author / Submitted by: Sparky

Sparkys RBD/RPK ID Tool

RPK who shows available type id's

This one also from Backa, i have it from time then i get starting. This one show you a available type id's in your RPK/RDB, simple use no hard work..


This tool was made by SPARKY, he did it for ME long time ago, i didnt knew that he gave it to other people.
I hope that Sparky wont have any problem with releasing it.

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Download: Sparkys RBD/RPK ID Tool

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6. svander

2010-07-08 12:02

Backa, and why did u uploaded to JDM Brothers, saying it was yours? you liiiiaaarrrrrr!!
Just kidding xD

5. backa

2010-07-07 10:54

helped me alot!! thanks dave for sending it to me in the past :) and thanks sparky for creating :)

4. Grudas

2010-07-06 01:55

yup.. will help quite a bit.

3. Franco

2010-07-05 23:35

awesome tool!


2. Yummy

2010-07-05 15:32

Oh so it's a SPARKY work, now i know who done this nice work on it!


1. Yummy

2010-07-05 13:36

I hope this thing help you a lot!

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