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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Tracks and Maps \ Akagi Touge (with Rival option, ON-OFF)

Author / Submitted by: Nikn/Nightrider

Akagi Touge (with Rival option, ON-OFF)

Akagi for 2.2.1MWM

Created by Nikn for the game Racer;
Converted to SLRR by NightriderBR;

Extract the files to the folder "Addon_Maps", ex:
C:\Games\Activision Value\Street Legal Racing 2.2.1 MWM\maps\Addon_Maps

Thanks diegorborges, Rolts e Miran, for A.I. and script example.

SAVE A CAR AS "AkagiCar" to be your Rival ( The track has a selector in case you want to drive alone).


That's it. Have fun! Tags: No tags

Download: Akagi Touge (with Rival option, ON-OFF)

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15. Stinga748

2015-09-17 07:33

any mediafire links? that shitty link up there keeps trying to make me download programs i dont want


14. dato dato georgia

2014-09-05 11:36

cool track

13. SnowFox1

2013-07-28 12:53

incredibly awesome track! only downside is there are some trees on the track so if you hit a drift close to the gaurd rail you just crash into one of those.

12. redline_racer

2010-07-29 13:04

1: Create Your Car in Career mode
2: Go To the main menu and click SAVE CAR
3: Type A name for your Saved Car and click SAVE
4: Go on this track and see if the opponent is the car you saved.

Hoped This Helped


11. Rafthedrifter

2010-06-18 01:51

this may be a noobish question.... but how do i save car??

10. redline_racer

2010-05-25 14:20

it does work for me so reinstall slrr

9. skylines

2010-05-23 08:54

It does not work. The game is not even in the menu screen

8. Davidov

2010-05-23 01:31

Oh, with my script you have to save them as AkagiCar1 and AkagiCar2.

7. Davidov

2010-05-23 01:19

If you want to try it out with 2 bots, and slightly higher aggression, get this http://www.mediafire.com/?ezotlmmuyjj Choosing between 1 or 2 opponents not implemented.
(for those who don't know that goes into maps\Addon_Maps\Akagi\Scripts\src\)


6. Jase Trenner

2010-05-22 16:05

I LOVE IT!!!! that was the most thrilling track ever, how ever it does go by fast, but its not short or small, GREAT WORK!!!!


5. Jase Trenner

2010-05-22 15:09

I'll have to try, but it looks cool :D


2010-05-22 14:32

same problem as D1 racer

3. Davidov

2010-05-22 06:18

Any chance I can get this with 2 opponents ?

2. Davidov

2010-05-22 02:49

Pure goodness Diego, only that I feel it's a bit short.

1. Fabian

2010-05-22 01:09

This track work fine to me, but i think is a bit small, anyways nice job Diego, tracks with oponents are really cool :D

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