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Author / Submitted by: Jfernando1


Akagi Update with Race modes.

Akagi, with 6 modes.
The updated java is a modification of the original by JF1 and Gorgoil.
The textures have been updated.

Screenshots from Gorgoil:

Original Map: Nikn, Nightrider, diegoborges, Rolts and Miran.
Update: JF1 and Gorgoil.
Tags: Akagi , Re Release

Download: Akagi_Re-Release.V_01

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Downloaded: 175

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6. Colorage79

2017-05-13 11:06

oh ok nice to know

5. Jfernando1

2017-05-13 06:12

Colorage, I went from the stock Akagi to this. I didn't get to change the model unfortunately.

But if you drive at least a few CM away (in SLRR scale) you avoid them. The issue was there originally as well.

4. Colorage79

2017-05-13 03:44

oh yeah i just discovered recently that there are several invisible barrier on the track.

3. Jfernando1

2017-05-07 08:35


2. Colorage79

2017-05-07 06:28

the texture is pretty nice, good job on the java modification tho.

1. Jfernando1

2017-05-05 17:17

Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

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