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Author / Submitted by: Gorgoil

DeripHill Drift Course v2

DeripHill Drift Course v2

Since Sterling gave me authorization to update any track of him I've made this addon update to DeripHill, since it's a addon update you need the original track by Sterling ( Click here if you don't have it. ).

I've added a timer and changed a bit the system of drift points(isn't a big difference but it's a little difference ahaha), added crash notification, you can choose how much laps you wanna do ( 1 to 5 laps ). When you finish it will show a menu with your best time, drift points and the winnings, and for every crash is less money you win.


Tags: Drift , Time Attack , Gorgoil , Sterling

Download: DeripHill Drift Course v2

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10. colbus131

2017-01-28 22:53

Yea I've played with it a little bit and got the cars moving that was a dumb error on my part, but i still spawn into the track halfway and when the countdown is over it either falls through or breaks most of my car.

9. gorgoil

2017-01-27 04:53

Do you have original track? And have you waited for the countdown to race?


8. colbus131

2017-01-26 21:24

Spawn under map and car wont move when in gear. Tested with multiple cars and transmission combos and still no movement.

7. Jfernando1

2016-08-20 14:08

Update of the previous comments:


Please could someone help me with this.


6. Jfernando1

2016-08-20 13:56

5. Jfernando1

2016-08-20 13:56

Didn't read it properly, Sorry

4. gorgoil

2016-08-10 17:03

Thanks ;) That's good!


2016-08-10 15:35

Impessive from the look of the screenshots. Hopefully that day comes when I can finally enjoy SLRR as it should be.

2. gorgoil

2016-08-10 13:47

Thanks bro!

1. Sterling

2016-08-10 13:42

Tested & Validated!

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