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Author / Submitted by: blast

Drag Strip (Beta)

1/8 & 1/4 mile racing with timer

Drag Strip (Beta)

For 2.2.1MWM

Converted from Assetto Corsa by: Blast & Gorgoil


Practice Mode

Drag Mode: 1/8 Mile , 1/4 Mile race & 1/2 Mile race

On screen data: 1/8 mile time , 1/4 mile time ,0-100 kph 0-62mph and 0-200 kph 0-124mph

Night racing with working lights. Install folder fix is for BB93 Slrr only. Replace object/object.rpk

Christmas tree lights up for pictures. Install folder replace particles.rpk in main directory. Then goto maps/addon_maps/SLRR_DRAG/scripts/replace TrackRenders.cfg

Alot of Trees were installed.

Known Bugs:

Pretty bad texture flicker on wall.

Have fun more updates to come.

Update 12/13/2015 New asphalt texture by Defiant

Update 2/5/2016 New Textures by Defiant https://www.mediafire.com/?4rd2yb1atsl00le

Tags: Drag , Track.racer

Download: Drag Strip (Beta)

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13. samgdejesus

2016-03-23 14:21

Mine crashes after the 1/4 mile timer, but when i drive slow and not activate the timers, it wont crash.
Also, after a few meters from the starting line, all my cars lose traction thats why my cars sometimes sways sideward, the only part where there is traction is the starting line.

Please help, thanks :)

12. Sterling

2016-02-01 19:45


11. JudithDrewith123

2015-12-29 05:53

Great Track, Thanks

10. blast

2015-12-13 13:56

Those errores shouldn't be happening on a clean install of bb93 SLRR2015. Thats what the track is tested on.


9. KamanPWT

2015-11-21 08:01

My game always crashes after finish the 1/4 mile time


8. RodriPinar

2015-08-30 10:47

i have this error when i try another track:

Missing .cfg: objects\scripts\pozna.cfg
load: Undefined GameType Constructor! 00CD01CC (pozna)
Missing .cfg: objects\scripts\pozna.cfg
load: Undefined GameType Constructor! 00CD01CC (pozna)

and this other when i try to go to the garage from this track:

unload: Undefined GameType Destructor! 00CD018A (fa12b)

Heelp please!!! :(


7. TopGearBR

2015-08-23 14:01

Where I can find that ae86 ? And nice mod man :D


6. TopGearBR

2015-08-23 14:01

Where I can find that ae86 ? And nice mod man :D


2015-08-03 15:58

@gorgoil Installed the additional stuff already as it said here that I needed and no, I´m using the regular 2.2.1. MWM patched game (not BB93´s SLRR).



2015-08-03 08:58

;) :))

3. gorgoil

2015-08-03 07:56

PXRZ you need objects frolder and objects.rpk and textures folder and rpk from maps folder of BB93 game. Sorry for that man but I forgot to keep a class for MWM, coz I use MWM with BB93 trees.

2. blast

2015-08-03 07:33

PXRZ are you running BB93 SLRR?


2015-08-03 04:10

Does not seem to work properly when I´m entering the track (none of the alternatives work) inside the game after that I installed this at 2.2.1 MWM. You the author should take a look on this (and yeah I get that this is a beta and therefore not a complete track yet).

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