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Author / Submitted by: D1Racer

Heartland Park, Topeka. Beta V0.8

A nice circuit layout plus drag strip

Topeka_Park V0.5 BETA

For 2.2.1MWM

Converted from rFactor by: D1Racer with huge help from Diegorborges!


Practice Mode (Free Roam)

Time Trial Mode

Circuit Mode (3 opponents, Save cars as RaceCar1, RaceCar2, RaceCar3)

Drag Mode (Timer doesn't work properly yet) Save car as DragCar

Known Bugs:

Pretty bad texture flicker in some spots. I'm working on this.

Drag Timer.

Some mesh bugs but I think most don't interfere with the track.

Apart from that it's a nice track to race on with some cool elevation changes, and combination of high speed and tight corners.



Diegorborges!! For all the help, couldn't have done it otherwise. Thanks man!!!

NightriderBr for the whole track java and gamemodes system

Miran for Track Wizard, frikkin awesome!!!

BETA V0.8:

Delete the old version then install this version.

Some mesh texture bugs fixed.

Drag opponent now stays in his lane.

Materials have different settings, grass acts like grass so don't go off track or cut corners, it WILL hurt your lap time.
Also the drag strip is grippier, mostly at the staging area, like a real drag strip. So now you can get some good launches, but if you lose it sideways you will probably flip like they do in real life.

Thank you.

If you still want the older version (Beta 0.5) you can get it here http://www.filefront.com/17089165/Topeka%20Park%20Beta%20V0.5.7z Note that it needs the AI splines fix http://www.filefront.com/17097059/AI-Fix.7z/


Alternative link for V0.8

http://www.filefront.com/17134072/Topeka-Park-Beta-V0.8.7z/ Tags: No tags

Download: Heartland Park, Topeka. Beta V0.8

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20. WildMonkey1584

2016-12-30 21:10


19. Bigstank

2014-07-10 12:12


18. oskars_davis

2014-05-25 15:33

None of the links work! New one plz

17. SnowFox1

2014-04-26 13:06

new link?

16. lvsicko

2014-02-07 18:52

links dont work

15. alexpank

2013-05-13 18:53

JVM::compileSource: Syntax error in ".\maps\Addon_Maps\Topeka_Park\Scripts\src\Topeka_Park.bak.java" at line 68

14. dG.Cyanide

2012-02-24 04:00

Whens this fix for the drag timer coming?

13. redline_racer

2010-12-26 10:14

slrr has its limits....

12. kintek

2010-08-04 10:54

This is funny, its nice to see my hometown track is avaliable to play in the game now.

I should get picks of the entire facility so someone can get a better updated version done possibly.

Great job though.

11. D1Racer

2010-07-21 15:23

LINKFiles still up..Try again?

10. D1Racer

2010-07-20 23:15

Update coming very soon will include fix to keep the Drag opponent in his lane, grass acts like grass, drag strip launch area has more grip like a real drag strip, some texture flickers sorted, some mesh bugs fixed.

No fix for the Drag timer yet though.

9. Davidov

2010-07-20 14:36

Any news about the drag opponent fix ?

8. D1Racer

2010-07-18 13:13

Yes indeed they have.

DL the AI fix to fix the bug.

7. redline_racer

2010-07-18 11:05

my point is deigo and roltz have revolutionised SLRR.BTW there is a bug while racing on ur track.. opponents crash into the tyres

6. D1Racer

2010-07-17 17:22

Yeah drag mode is still bugged with the timer and the AI :S

Waiting on a fix for the java :)


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