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Author / Submitted by: D1Racer

Monaco 1988 Beta v0.8

Circuit de Monaco 1988 layout

Circuit de Monaco 1988 - BETA V0.8

Converted by D1Racer

I haven't taken the option out because I don't want to screw the java up.

A very tight, twisty track that will keep you on top of your game or straight into a wall!


Practice Mode

Time Trial

Circuit Mode with 3 opponents. (Save as Monaco1, Monaco2, Monaco3)

I have tried to make the AI as good as I can, They seem to be able to make it round the track in one piece for the main part. I suggest not using high hp cars, but it's your call!

Known bugs:

A couple of small texture bugs.

Credit and Thanks to

Diego "Track Master" rborges for his awesome tutelage :)

NightriderBr for the java and gamemodes system :)

Miran for Track Wizard :) Tags: No tags

Download: Monaco 1988 Beta v0.8

Filesize, kB: 37KB

Downloaded: 3082

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20. silent_rider

2012-05-31 15:45

It works on 2.3.0 LE? Or the tracks are just for 2.2.1 MWM.


19. FJ

2012-03-05 13:54

awesome :D it's a little big but it really worth...

18. D1Racer

2010-07-25 15:10

Yeah L30N that looks more like your cars too low than a bug in the track :?


17. Daniel

2010-07-25 12:57

Hmm .. That curve/turn looks fun to drift in :P


16. Intense

2010-07-25 12:41

Think also of this with working full-time for a place in the race from 1 to 3 can do a cash prize? :D

15. diegorborges

2010-07-25 12:30

Bad physics on the Kadett for sure. Thats why the car remain stuck.

14. L30N

2010-07-25 11:36

I remained stucked here.

13. L30N

2010-07-25 11:35

12. D1Racer

2010-07-25 08:18

Diego's been teaching me but I've been doing the work. He's a really good teacher.

11. redline_racer

2010-07-25 08:11

who is helping you do all these tracks because you are like a Track Building MACHINE

10. D1Racer

2010-07-25 07:16

hmm ok yeah upload a pic for me so I can check it out, thanks :)

9. L30N

2010-07-25 07:06

I will upload a picture later :P You can't go forward or backward in one curve if you're going through one point

8. D1Racer

2010-07-25 06:52

What do you mean L30N?

7. L30N

2010-07-25 06:39

I see another great competition in the early future :D

Can I note a bug? :D You remain stucked in one curve :P

6. aantoni63

2010-07-25 05:26



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