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Author / Submitted by: diegorborges

Nurburgring Nordschleife

Beta 2.1

Well, there you go, the Nurburgring Nordschleife by GEETI, converted from RACER.

I know the track have a lot of bugs and its shitty, but it's fun for me and It can be fun for some of you guys... the track has a rubbish lapping system... try it and have fun.

I Strongly recommend that you don't use too low cars or cars with wrong physics on this track, or it certainly will stuck at some part of it.

Don't use too low cars, I repeat, just like in real life... you'll have problems some times.

Good luck, have fun and don't bug me about bugs...

David, please do a release pic if you can... :D Thanks

Some pics:

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Download: Nurburgring Nordschleife

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17. zachisbeter

2012-08-01 18:31

jm220!! try to run the game in compatability mode for windows 2000 if you have widows xp or if you have windows 7, i cant help you with that


16. lordcris

2012-04-14 18:17

can u put to another
dl link?


15. lordcris

2012-04-14 18:16

can u put to another
dl link?

14. RobertZX

2011-08-10 15:46

*YAHOO* *YAHOO* thank you lol

13. jm220

2011-07-11 20:35

I installed 2.2.1 then 2.2.1 MWM then I installed this mod to MAPS\addon_maps\ and what happening > Game crashes when I select it and "take it"

"nvictus Street Legal 2 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

What can I do?

12. siim11s

2011-05-28 23:07

@similini - read 3 lines above ;-)


11. similini

2011-05-28 01:47

does it work for 2.3.0LE ? :)

10. Roadzen

2011-02-05 20:29

7min 57sec so far, riding a tuned Honda Civic which can be seen in the Ambush Canuon Time Attack event(ofc atm the car is 626hp)

9. Christopher Jason

2010-06-15 14:16

Maps only work in MWM


8. OvidiuCl

2010-06-15 14:14

I have downloaded this track ,but my game is crashing at entry.My game is Slrr 2.3.0 LE... this track work's with this version?And btw where in corect to put the track? in maps?

I'm for for my bad english( you can respond me in romanian)


7. TheBrownGuy

2010-06-10 15:07

@JAG wow man you're pro. I did 10:41 in my caddy with a tuned shim engine. And i used a gaming steering wheel. I gotta improve. but this map is soo good i don't think ive driven on a better map.

6. redline_racer

2010-04-09 05:43

put in MAPS\addon_maps\

5. Christopher Jason

2009-12-26 12:41

Ya it does Track are only For 2.2.1 Mwm


4. gabbernl

2009-12-26 11:44

dont works on 2.2.1MWM :(

3. JAG

2009-09-03 01:19

Oh it's fun as hell to drive flat out on this track!! I loved every second of my 10:04.557 run in my stock 140GTA. I did better than I thought, and it was a riot to run it! I don't care what anyone says, this track needs nothing to make it fun! It's not perfect, and it is bumpy, but you just need to run it a few times to get to know it and you'll be whittling away at your times lap by lap.

Thank you Diego!


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