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Where do i start making car mods?
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Define start, its a large task. As most people want to jump into the 3d part of things, I'm sure you do too, while I as most don't suggest it. Here's what you need to do:

1: Download 3DS Max by Autodesk. Its a point of discussion as to what version to use, alot like to use 3DSMax 5, some use more current versions such as 2011 & 2012 (Not sure if anyone has tested 2013). I use 2011 myself. 3DSMax 5 can be found in the download section I believe. For newer version you can get 100% free student versions direct from Autodesk just by claiming to be a student. Just search for the student side of Autodesk, as all their programs are free to students.

2: While in the download section, also download and install the required SLRR Plug-in tools for 3DSMax, such as .scx file format exporter.

3: Brush up on the basics. Youtube is a great resource for learning how to use the numerous tools within 3DS Max, while there may be limited that are directly related to SLRR, there are plenty that will teach you the modeling tools used for anytype of 3D modeling. I myself used this set of videos to learn the basics: 3DS Max Tutorial Playlist - The Basics of 3DS Max

4: In the tutorial section here, you can numerous videos and tutorials for exporting your 3D model to SLRR's format of .scx, as well as more information on the game files involved with any mod, which I will touch on next.

5: So once you've completed your model and exported, its time to move to the game files side of things. This will include your .RPK & .rdb Files, .java & .class files, and .cfg files. We'll start with .RPK & .RDB files. A ".RPK" file, example "Dodge_viper.rpk" is the main file for you Mod. A ".RDB" file is the converted version of a ".RPK" that is readable in a text editor, such as Notepad++. To convert these files you will need to download the "Resdecode" and "Resconvert" tools in the download section. Instructions on use will be attached. You can find tutorials on how to read, edit, and write these type of ".RDB" files in the tutorial sections. These files contain all the id's and more for all of the other files associated with a mod.

6. So now ".cfg" files. These are configuration files that contain all the main id's which are used in the .RPK and slots where other 'parts' of the mod attachs at. You can find information on reading these files and there references to the RPK/RDB files in the tutorial section.

7. To .java and .class! So again .class files are similier to .RPK files in that they can not be opened or edited directly in the file itself. .class files are a result of the game compiling .java files to its liking. Not sure really what it does in there but thats how it works. So the important stuff is in the .java file. It's what typically contains all your in game information such are performance characteristics and descriptions. The best way to get to know these is to download the Completed 2.2.1 Java pack from the download section, it contains all of the java's (or most) for 2.2.1 SLRR. It is a great resource to reference when trying to learn, understand, recreate, edit, write, or do just about anything in a .java file.

8: Test your mod ingame, fix all the bugs and errors that occur, as that undoubtly will.

9: Play your mod and release to public if you feel like it because I know you havnt given up by the time you tried or read this list!! ;)
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jumped on the bandwagon quick lad?:L tis a big job to create/convert cars mind you:) but if you have the motivation, givit both barrels lad:)
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Well, everyone has to start somewhere, so good luck mate!

PS benjaboi your sig is waaay too big, would you mind doing something with it?
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