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th Thailand

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this issue, but just in case they have, I am posting my latest find which appears to have fixed it.
I have several installs of SLRR on my PC, but my preference is MWM221LE2.. and this is the version I am discussing here.
I really like the little Fiat 600, but I have had a problem with it.. as the standard engine is next to useless for racing, and cannot be tuned or modified apart from max RPM adjustments... I dump the engine and install anything else (Hayabusa is one favourite of mine).
The problem I have had (most of the time) is that this causes the car to bounce around when I take it to Valo night races (or sometimes on the test track).
I read somewhere that this can be rectified by changing springs, or engine position, or playing around with weights.. but none of this fixed it for me.
Now, in this version of the game I never use the car jack as it crashes the game for me, but I have just found out that with the Fiat the jack MUST be used when removing or replacing parts (this is one of the few cars that doesn't crash the game when using the jack).
Eureka!! the car no longer bounces about at Valo, or on the test track.. no matter what engine or other mods I fit to it.
So in short... if you are having the same problem I had with this car, try using the jack before doing any changes to the Fiat and then test it at the test track, or try it at Valo night races. It worked for me, and I hope it will work for others.
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