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5 Date 2016-12-06 20:19

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#1\2016-12-06 20:19



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Hi guys,
just wanted to ask a few questions regarding the Steam version of SLRR.

1. What is the preferred version people are using? Please include the version number.
The reason I ask is I've read that the Steam version can be buggy. Im not sure if this has been fixed since its release. I've also read that some engines and mods need to be converted to work with the latest version.

2. Since the game is abandonware is the only reason people buy the Steam version is to support RAXATs great effort, and for the convenience of having it in their steam library?

Thanks for your time,
#2\2016-12-06 20:23

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Well, I will always stick with 2.2.1MWM.
It has almost all mod support.
All SLRR versions are buggy; you just have to find which mods break the game. :))
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#3\2016-12-06 20:38

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I have spent longer meddling with my 221 than 99% of game companies spend on games so yeah ... Will soon be doing tracks for the new edition.

Currently 221 to answer your question but maybe 231 soon.

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#4\2016-12-07 02:12


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Well i have played 231 more than my steam hours count :)
Its not really buggy like you used to. It crashed really often and you couldnt race in ROC
Now i have gotten all the cars in 231 ROC race.

I have to say that right now 221LEMWM is better because there you have more mods and better support and the track selection is better. Because you race in free roam basicly. 231 does not

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