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#1\2016-12-10 09:54
im using slrr 2.3.1 an alot of mods are for 2.2.1 an i was told to use borat to convert. now i know how to move parts an stuff like that an when i make the new rpk an put in the folder i go into the game an the parts are still in the same place, how can i fix this so the parts are in the right place??
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#2\2016-12-10 10:41


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BORAT was made for 2.2.1 and 2.3.0, it was never meant for your version. I never tried it version but from the looks of it the catalog is way different. You can try using the 2.3.0 version of BORAT if you haven't already. If that doesn't work you could always message RAX and ask him for the catalog IDs and then we can convert them manually or make a program for that version.
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#3\2016-12-10 10:50
[hide][/hide]i think i am using borat 2.3.0 an it still wont update the parts in the correct position. im using borat for 2.3.0 le

the guy who figured it all out