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#1\2016-12-10 23:05


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Not sure if this has been asked before but I have a problem with rims and running gear. When I go toward high negative like -4.000, the driveshafts of the IRS stick through the rim, forcing me to use another rim and tire. This bothers me especially when I try to use 15x15 rims with radials and I want to take a good screenshot. Is there a certain running gear mod I download for the driveshafts to not stick out throigh the rim. Effects deep dish rims and some rims off Defiant's drag pack.
#2\2016-12-10 23:08

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Its because of the position.

Why would you want -4 anyways isn't that kinda silly?

I think this is more to do with the actual car mod than running gear.

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