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#1\2016-12-14 08:00
wondering where does this go so i can adjust my engines to fit better? an where do i put the folder contents (java files) or dont need to do anything with these. much appreciated for the help an thanks in advance
the guy who figured it all out
#2\2016-12-14 15:38


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ee Estonia

it goes to parts/scripts and in src folder
Make sure to do an backup and make a new career old one will crash
Hope it helped! :)

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#3\2016-12-14 15:42
ill give it a try an ill let ya know bud.... thanks for the help

Added 20 minutes later:

what files go in src folder? the javas?

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the guy who figured it all out
#4\2016-12-19 08:32
do the javas go into the src folder? am i replacing the old files after i make a backup?
the guy who figured it all out
#5\2016-12-26 14:30
Anyone able to help me figure this out??
the guy who figured it all out
#6\2016-12-26 15:29

GOM Team

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Apendix have explained everything you need to know here!

#7\2016-12-26 15:39
Ohh OK, thanks man
the guy who figured it all out