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#1\2017-01-07 10:00
So,i have 2 question for wheels.
1) I cant get rid of stock rims like i did try to remove them...crashed,changed super id...still in game.If there is a file or a tool,please tell me.
2)So i have some rim mods and i can't find wich ones i need to delete and wich ones not...So if there is like a tool that can preview or just tell me all rims in game,i would like it.
Thanks : )
#2\2017-01-07 10:26


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You could open up the wheels rpk and change each super id to 0x00000000
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#3\2017-01-07 17:02
I said i did that but didn't work.Problem is some rims have short names like LMs (wich is BBS)and some even have names like E-RPF1 wich is Enki RPF1...So i asked for tool or something.

Added 8 minutes later:

Okay,done some work...Now i just need to get rid of those stock wheels...I need script or why to remove them other than changing super id(maybe i missed one script,so if you know name of it tell me) and deleting because it crashes(well i have not tried to remove only some parts)...

Added 4 minutes later:

Okay,okay...I found a problem,i had stock wheels mod that i used because some of mod cars crashed without stock wheels...Now i is all good : )

Added 32 seconds later:

Thanks for help :)

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#4\2017-01-07 21:39


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I have a mod pack that supports all external mods and removes all stock items. It's compatible with LE,MWM, and Soon to be BB93 and Jacks super ID. Its an extensive process so I'll prepare the downloadable build soon to share.

WIP Early Access: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dpf0smr4p8p0t76/AADqGTmgyy7o7umfMAx7Q3Lta?dl=0
Early Access Release:

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#5\2017-01-08 04:34
Will see,i removed them but i don't know if they are going to crash when i build a vehicle.IF someone has an remove rims from catalog script,that's what i need.I know there is one but i just can't find it.

Added 59 seconds later:

Looking forward for the modpack,maybe i will use it for my game :)