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#1\2017-01-14 15:05

anyone have a link for working cars in steam version slrr 2.3.1 current build.

if anyone can share a link with working cars please share a link.

not sure how many cars before its unstable.

thank you for sharing
#2\2017-01-14 15:11

Content Admin

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There are a few over at modzona.ru but, I think there might be more in the Steam Workshop?
#3\2017-01-14 15:18
thank you very much, will check this out now TY cheers

Looking for car packs as many have cars that the links are dead, please post if you have a collection of working cars
#4\2017-01-17 19:24


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most of the slrr 2.3.0 cars work as the code for the cars wasn't changed i think
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