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#1\2017-02-28 21:11
I have a black 01 ford taurus. print screen windows 7 I want to rotary swap this its weird I know but what should I use 20B 3 rotor 13B twin rotor or 12A twin rotor
One Does not simply do 11k in a peripheral ported rotary.
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#2\2017-03-01 01:39


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gr Greece

I believe 13B is that you want.But are you crazy?If you install a rotary engine you want new engine bases and maybe you have to cut and generally change the engine bay because the rotary is smaller than a i4 I believe,I don't believe that you can make it FWD so you have to replace all rear suspension.And much work.

I don't know realy if someone made a FWD transmission for rotary but somone made the car it will so hard hard to drive from the torque of engine that will not be happy with it.
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#3\2017-03-01 10:16


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Yeah , if you swap a Rotary in this machine , you must change a lot of things :

-New suspension system
-Re balanced the frame
-The fuel will be more expensive
-Interior fittings
-New brakes

If you dont do this , its a fkin suicide !