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#1\2017-04-08 09:23


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I need some ideas about how to force the bots to regenerate on 2.3.1

Pretty sure something was changed and bots no longer regenerate upon starting a new career, I believe they generate once and stay the way they are indefinitely.

Working on a sort of sandbox advance tuning mod that works on all engines but I'm stuck with Valo crashing as soon as bots are loaded.

where is the bot data saved?
I thought it might of been the database folders in save folder but deleting the files doesn't cause a regeneration.

I'm stumped.
#2\2017-04-08 10:12


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I don't currently have 2.3.1, but I can make an educated guess that the file is a special file type located either in the save folder, or the sl folder. It could also be located at the actual fake racers folder, or somewhere about there.

I know you've probably already checked there, but anyway.
#3\2017-04-08 12:00

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bot data appear to be saved some how in save/career/CAREER_NAME/main.file

I got interesting version of SLRR that generates 300 fake racers at the begining of a new career, and spits out a log.out file that lists all the racers generated, club, and horsepower. I cannot track down who created this version or what its called. But looking at the log.out file generated and the main.file they appear to list some of the same info
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#4\2017-04-08 20:08


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Well from what I gather, A database is compiled once, it contains the pool of cars to be used in save/cars and the skins in saves/skins.

I think any futher data is pulled from the database and then used per save.

Cars contains the data for what will be used and I think that's what is causing the issue since java's have changed since database was generated.