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#1\2017-04-28 11:36


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After toying around with the car market scripts for 2.3.1 and figuring out how to make more cars appear I also figured out how to add slots for even more cars.

So now I'm modeling a replacement for the warehouse structure on the larger side of the used car lot, Going to open it up on the lot side so more cars can show up inside the structure.

I come from mapping for Cod5 zombies and they have great tools for building the maps, modeling is a bit new to me but the viewports are pretty much the same.

Now when building a structure for cod with the codtools I can shrink the grid down quite a bit and it snaps uniformly to nice even measurements for each grid size as well.

I know how to resize the grids in max5 but I have to go well below a value of 1 to even get close to a thin wall when creating and shaping a box.

Anyone have any good tips for this? Creating walls and structure pieces that line up correctly with out having to spend an hour lining up all the edges?
#2\2017-04-28 18:49


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You don't have to create a new box every time. Convert the object to poly and delete a poly face (make sure the selection parameter is set to poly mode). Next select edge mode, press F4 on your keyboard, and hold shift while dragging the edge with your mouse. This will create a welded face on your object. You can just keep dragging and copying to get the shape you want.
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