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After some testing, here are my findings on what mods work with 2.3.1, if a car/engine isn't listed just assume I haven't tested it. I don't think it's possible for me to find, test, and list every single mod.

Note: Depending on combinations of mods, results may vary.

Known problems
Some cars don't have any engines available and cannot be equipped with any because the rpk will crash SLR editor.
The vast majority of cars that don't work are listed because they will cause the game to crash while trying to navigate the chassis menu, though they may be useable otherwise, why this occurs is not known, but is believed to be because of conflicts with default cars. Quickly converted cars are naturally prone to causing this, but it is not mutually exclusive.

Mazda 13b
Devil's V8
Meisel V8
GM V8 Pack Note: Get the latest version.

DS LGT Headcovers Note: Appears in v16 section of catalogue, turbo, transmissions, crank, and con rods, are unobtainable.

Fully working: (most of these cars will come engineless, but can be equipped with any engine via SLLR editor)

Cars by Magnum force team:
68 chevelle
68 El camino
70 elcamino
70 chevelle
68 corvette
65 pontiac Gto warning: will take over the dealerships
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Charger Daytona.
58 impala
59 impala (If I remember correctly both this and the 58 are old versions pulled from an old install.)
Mustang 2 (used 2.2.1 rpk, unsure what 230 rpk will do.)
70 Cuda Note: Get the latest version from the downloads page.
71 Cuda Note: Get the latest version from the downloads page.

Mazda Rx7 FD
Nissan 350z
All of the mustangs
Holden Commodore (VE)
Ford Falcon XB
Mercedes benz 190e
NightRider BR:
Ford Maverick
Nissan Z32
Honda S2000
Unknown Author:
GMC Sonoma\Cyclone\Typhoon
Chevy Montana
Ford Focus ST (Use 2.2.1 rpk, 230 rpk seems to cause the chassis menu to crash immediately)
Grudas - Jesus_Christ:
Nissan GTR

Lord Delta:
All the cars in the pack....
Headcovers will appear in the V16 section of the catalogue, but otherwise function as normal. Transmissions are unobtainable.

Filipe Ricardo:
Dodge D100

Chevrolet Silverado\ GMC Sierra Note: Do not use SLRR editor to change engine options or the game will begin to crash at the chassis catalogue, you must do it manually.

Stuff that doesn't fully work that is on steam workshop
Audi A4 Wagon Lots of identical chassis appear in catalogue, game crashed upon trying to purchase one.

Camaro SS Pack Believed to cause the chassis menu to crash

Stuff that doesn't work:

Addi Mercedes benz w126 pack Crashes the seats section of the catalogue

Chassis menu crashers:
MagnumForce 55 Bel-air
MagnumForce 78 Eldorado
J-Style Toyota Supra JZA80
J-Style Toyota XE10
Shadow 59 Chevrolet Apache
Robban_9000 Volvo 850R
Robban_9000/Diegorborges Buick regal
Nitrous/PDM Nissan Skyline R33GTS
Franco Mitsubishi 3000gt
Stanok83 66 Chevrolet C10
Skylines Mustang Boss 427
Engines that don't work:
Chrysler v8 pack Appears in game, several parts can be found in the v16 section of the catalogue, however many essential parts are missing, including the transmissions, carburetors, air cleaners, and radiators. Kits can be bought, but are also missing these parts.

feel free to experiment with other mods and add to the list.

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So when I installed the GM V8 Pack, I did so into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Street Legal Racing Redline v2.3.1\parts\engines

But it's not showing up in the ol' game when I run it?

I got the Devils V8 working (fun stuff).

Ideas? I got the "fixed" version. Which one is working for you?


Had a problem extracting. Works good!
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for them to work u had to use borat 2.3.0 tool
then some of the mods will work :)
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