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#1\2017-07-20 03:51


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mt Malta

I tried to figure out a way to reduce steering sensitivity other then modifying the suspensions or doing other things to the running gear.

So I started to search at some system java files , then I found this.

Config.java located in SLRR\system\Scripts\util\src

This java file has a code which when you modify you can get some amazing results.

Search for these lines of code.

static float deadZoneAccelerate = 0.0;
static float deadZoneBrake = 0.0;
static float deadZoneSteering = 0.0;
static float deadZoneClutch = 0.0;

static float throttleSpeed = 0.0200f;
static float brakeSpeed = 0.0200f;
static float steerSpeed = 0.0100f;
static float steerhelp_turn = 1.0f;

static float throttlePower = 2.5f;
static float brakePower = 2.5f;
static float steeringPower = 1.5f;
static float clutchPower = 2.5f;

Now what you want to modify is the steerhelp_turn = 1.0f

I changed mine from 1.0f to 0.35f
static float steerhelp_turn = 0.35f;

I also modified other thing in this java file to make the game more realistic including...
static float wheel_brake_factor = 6.0;
static float engine_inertia_factor = 6.0;
static float wheel_brake_factor = 5.0;
static float engine_inertia_factor = 5.0;

Which gives you more softer breaking and smoother more realistic acceleration.

#2\2017-07-20 14:51


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us United States

Thank you! It helped tremendously.
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#3\2017-07-21 19:15



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Just logged in on my old account, took about 10 mins to remember my password, just so I can say that this is so, so awesome. Seriously, you wouldn't think it would make much difference but if you're reading this thread seriously, give it a try- it's SO much better. Makes SLRR from "car building simulator" into a game where you can actually race. The only problem is now I'm hooked on SLRR again!

Thank you so much dude!