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#1\2017-11-13 16:16


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lt Lithuania

Hi ,so me and SGD3S1GN faced the same problem with phys mesh exporting from 3ds max 2015 with SLR Tools:

After changing Map channel from 1 to 2 or more, error screen changes to this:

and using this export:

So question - is there any way how to export with SLR Tools Phys Mesh file or any other program?

BTW is it possible to export Phys mesh with 3ds max 5?
#2\2017-11-13 17:03


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us United States

Use max 5
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#3\2017-11-14 02:37

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2017-11-13 20:16#286223 NoXXART :

BTW is it possible to export Phys mesh with 3ds max 5?
Good question.
Yes, I believe it is.
For the best results, do what Defiant said.
Max 5 is the easiest and quickest way to export scx files.
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#4\2017-11-14 02:57


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th Thailand

I use 3DS Max 2015 version... just export as 3DS file type, then import that 3DS file into Max 5 or 5.1 and export via V3... and yes, you can export as Phys.
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