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I have decided to keep you up to date with the development/news of Jidousha Shakai - Sterling

Happy Holidays, Multiplayer Branch, Materials (+ Seasonal Materials)

Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone had a good day whether you celebrate it or not. I do not have a good enough gift to provide to you guys right now so I decided to get some things together so that I can give to you.

If you are only interested in participating in the multiplayer beta then you can go directly to the bottom of this post.

Jidosuha Shakai now includes the ability to apply materials to all body parts of your car separately in addition to the full paint control you already have. You can think of it as simply dropping a pattern onto a body part except this body part is completely PBR (lighting) affected and not just a texture. These materials lay on top of paint however decals can be put over materials.

Seasonal Materials
I thought it would be a cool idea to have seasonal/holiday/special variants of these materials that are only given for a limited time.In order to further test this, these X-mas themed materials will only be available till new year! More information on how to get these for your account will be posted when I have more information on it.

Multiplayer Test

As I mentioned, since I don't have a great gift to give for the holidays I decided to open up the multiplayer branch for people to try out. It includes full multiplayer, server, lobby, and chat support that is mainly strictly for stress testing, general testing, and proof of concept. Anyone will be able to try this branch out if they own the game by following this guide and selecting nightly_public from the beta menu.

If you are testing the multiplayer branch you need to delete some files because the beta branch has a completely different save architecture. This is of course a downside to testing a private version of the game that was never meant to be public.

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\CloudWeight\Jidousha Shakai (delete everything in there)

Documents/CloudWeight/Jidousha Shakai (delete settings.ini and graphics.ini)

Have fun and make sure to post back your results! Please note (there is no options menu, just game-play, please be aware of this when testing the multiplayer branch)

Jidousha Shakai: Rebirth


I'd like to have a heart to heart with you guys.. at least what is left of the fan-base for this game. This announcement is long overdue, so buckle up and prepare for a long read if you are interested in what is happening with Jidousha Shakai and how you can help.

This announcement will be summed up in 5 main sections.

What Happened to Jidousha Shakai.
The Current State of Jidousha Shakai.
The Price Change.
Updated Release Schedule and Early Access Schedule.
How I am Planning to Win Back Your Trust.

Before we get into this I want to add all my social media links and places you can reach me personally because I know a majority of you won't read all of this so it'd be better for you to follow the social media I frequently post on instead.

Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Official Website[www.jidoushashakai.com]


So lets get right in to it.

What happened to Jidousha Shakai

It is no secret that Jidousha Shakai has not been receiving updates since the last big update. As my previous post stated, I personally was not in the right state of mind physically or mentally. Combine that with being scammed and having to handle unnecessary court cases for digital content and losing out on a ton of profit due to these circumstances has dented the reputation of CloudWeight Studios and Jidousha Shakai. Not only am I talking business wise, but personal wise.

I created Jidousha Shakai because I wanted to create a game that had everything everyone wanted in it. We all know the big publishers and developers turn a blind eye to their community these days when they request stuff and I was fed up with this. I said I would create my own game and had no plans to sell it as I wanted everyone to enjoy it for free. Fast forward a couple years and I realized releasing a game of this scope free would not be a smart idea financially. At the 3rd year of development I had spent almost $5000 USD on making a game that no one knew about.

I always thought making a game would be cheap if I made everything myself but I have learned that no matter how much you do yourself, you cannot make a game in a timely manner without having at least $10,000 saved up and ready to handle licensing, graphics work, content creation, servers, and other costs. I don't know about you guys, but I didn't have that kind of money saved up. At my job I spent 50% of my paycheck to continue developing JS and it just wasn't working out like I wanted to. Taking this whole thing on just isn't a smart move.. and although I'd like to say "I made Jidousha Shakai all by myself! Every inch!" that would take years on years from NOW to do something like that.. and I don't have years.

After careful thought I decided to re-write Jidousha Shakai. This means completely tearing down all the current systems and rebuilding them based on the feedback I got from you guys, best practices, and making them user friendly and focused on playability and performance. The last thing I want to do is admit all the half-ass code I've written for Jidousha Shakai previously just so I could meet deadlines for release and updates.. but it's only the right thing to do.

Owning up to bad code is how a programmer gets better, and once you realize this you can move on to improving your code and making it better. All of the physics code is clean and multi-threaded and I'm proud of this, but why would I intentionally write bad code for Jidousha Shakai? Pressure. This is the simplest answer I can give. I have never got into the game business before this. I've never ran my own LLC or managed my own copyrighted content. Everything was happening so fast for me and I've kind of just rolled with it and I felt this was a big part of me slowly losing my mind when it came to Jidousha Shakai.

Before I put Jidousha Shakai on Steam Greenlight, Valve had announced they were going to close Greenlight and roll out Steam Direct. The potential price points they spoke about scared me to my core. How was I supposed to afford $1000 or even $5000? I could barely afford my car payment. So I made a choice that I would work 5 times as hard and put Jidousha Shakai on Steam Greenlight so that I can get my game out there and also get some extra money for the costs of Jidousha Shakai. I was happy to get green-lit and my dream was finally coming true, but the reality is I was playing catch up for months and months. My game needed to be 3 months ahead of it's schedule and I was 5 months behind. Update after update rolled out and the game was getting worse and even I could see it at the time.

People were playing my game and having fun and that made me happy and want to continue on. However, many people were also mad with me about the last update. Never in my entire experience of coding has one of my own applications performed poorly. With technology now'a'days it's very hard to get something to run badly unless you are doing no optimization work at all and yet here I was with a program that had a problem. This problem didn't happen on my computer so I was oblivious to it during development but being a programmer is so much more than "it works for me." I've realized this through my time developing applications but it's really sat in my heart after working on Jidousha Shakai and making it into what it is.

Nevertheless, most of you already know how my life has been treating me.. but I won't bring that into this because this is business.. right? Nobody cares about that stuff when it's business. As far as I know, everyone see's me as a machine and nothing else, so I have to live up to this because it's what I chose. I chose to get into the business so I have to kill my emotions to bring a good product, and I realize this now.

The Current State of Jidousha Shakai

I know some of you are wondering, what is the "Rebirth" for? This is to signify the rebirth of the project that is Jidousha Shakai. It is completely new and I want to make this a point.

As I mentioned above, Jidousha Shakai is being completely rewritten from inside and out. I want to completely get rid of the risks of performance problems and make everything as it should be. But this takes time.. and you must understand that this time is crucial so I do not get back to rushing things. I do apologize for leading you on with false words or unmet release dates, so I am looking to change this. Many of you know I am not into providing release dates because if I happen to not meet it then I have to rush myself and then the product is flawed. No more will this be the case, and a side effect of this is not providing release dates anymore until I am absolutely certain. That's just the way it has to be.

Now that we are past all the negative, we can get onto the positive! Most of the rewrite of Jidousha Shakai is done. Everything is performing better than ever and I finally feel like I've made something I can truly be proud of. Jidousha Shakai will be a game everyone can truly enjoy and this is my intention. Garage and customization are completely changed and faster to customize than ever. A smoother and polished experience is provided while allowing for many more customization options that aren't in the current update like dual spoilers, individual light customization, exhaust rotation, gear tuning, boost tuning, a decal system, neons, and enough LED addons to make your car light up like a Christmas tree.

The map is now a truly open world map also. Complete with windy roads in the mountains and not the dull, flat roads of the previous updates. As graphics are updated constantly so are the hardware requirements because this is what happens when you dive into the visual fidelity side of gaming. Many people told me they don't like the look of JS currently so I need to make it better. A lot better. I need to be on par with other racing games in order to compete and this is my goal. All of this is with performance in mind of course as I wouldn't want to leave out the lower hardware guys. However the trade offs are important here because lower hardware obviously won't be getting better graphics, but I won't be leaving you guys out of the game. Jidousha Shakai now takes advantage of advanced rendering methods and so the minimum Shader Model will be 4.0 for Jidousha Shakai's "Next Gen" release. A lower Shader Model 3.0 version will be available for lower hardware computers, however it won't look as pretty... but at least you'll still be able to play!

The Price Change.

After hard thought I decided to make Jidousha Shakai the price of $20 USD (varied by country.) I feel this price is fair for the current amount of content in Jidousha Shakai and also the new amount of content Jidousha Shakai is getting before the update is released. If you have already purchased Jidousha Shakai for a lower price then you are in luck as the game is now worth more. If you haven't purchased Jidousha Shakai yet then you'll be purchasing at it's full current price. The price is planned to go up again in the future once we get back on schedule and continue releasing content.

The future isn't decided about how DLC will be implemented or even be present in Jidousha Shakai, but rest assured I do not plan to put out 50 DLC's that are $30 USD. Jidousha Shakai is about pushing the limits within the niche market that is racing games and all I would be doing is setting it back.

Some people may have a problem with the price point as it currently stands because there is no update yet, however I plan to make it clear on the store page and in the announcements that Jidousha Shakai is going under a rewrite and the current price (if paid) is fully to support the current version of Jidousha Shakai and the upcoming version of Jidousha Shakai.

Updated Release Schedule and Early Access Schedule

There is not much to say here except that the schedule for how long Jidousha Shakai will be in Early Access will be increased if necessary. The new update is planned to put JS back on track so I will keep you guys updated if this ever happens.

How I am Planning to Win Back Your Trust

Simply I am going to do what I always have and put my mind to creating a great game. I do not want you guys to think there is a gimmick or some secret plan to screw you over, because there isn't. In order to fully get engaged with the community again I am empowering some people to be moderators in the forums so we can have staff watching after the community and also answering any questions you might have when I am not available.

If you are interested in being on the moderator team to help out the community of Jidousha Shakai then you may message me and will evaluate you as a moderator team is necessary since I am increasingly unavailable these days.

I am planning to be a lot more active in the community so I can get your opinions and share progress with you guys along the way, so if you are excited to see the future of Jidousha Shakai then make sure to keep your eyes posted on the forums and this news section.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the forum or add me personally to private message me.

Thanks to everyone that read all of this and those who have stuck by me regardless of what has happened in my life, it means a lot to me and you guys are what keep me going. ♥

Jidousha Shakai Beta Tester