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When I got the car the sun visors were hanging down and resting... on my head. Obviously this was highly annoying so I had to temporarily keep them up and was able to cob together a solution that actually worked really well given the materials I had on hand.

Dont mind the in the dark flash photos... but basically it was this, part of a hose clamp and of course a zip tie.

Then these pieces came in the mail not too bad.

and installed them and all good.

took a long time on sunday and waxed the car, looks good for the condition of the paint (which is HORRIBLE)

even after driving it today through a down pour it looks pretty clean and shiny.

Added 24 hours later:

Hood strut supports came in today, huge bitch putting these in. the ball cups were slightly the wrong size, what a pain in the ass. I don't have dremel handy or any special tools like I should have so an easy solution turned into an annoying one. At least now the hood can stay up on its own lol, the hatch supports should be here soon.

The ball cup wouldn't slide on, I tried squeezing it on... removing some material etc nothing worked until I decided to do away with the internal snap ring and it was fine then.. the lock pin keeps it in place fine.

I also noticed this nasty shit near the tail lights so I cleaned it up...

MUCH better now.

The duct tape I had holding up the rear bumper support / impact pad was already sagging so I had to do something better. Drilled a hole through it and routed good old zip ties through it to keep it in place for now. I plan to do a low profile fiberglass rear bumper and get it painted, so I won't be bothering with these impact strips for now.. this is fine. I was going to remove it.. but its all messed up behind there..
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