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Forums \ Forza Motorsport \ Main Discussion \ Anyone still play Forza 4 and/or Horizon?

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#250433\2014-10-25 05:42


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nz New Zealand

Thanks guys, I've pretty much only just got into it (online) so I find it to be great fun most the time. I'll take a look for the GOM club even if no one is there anymore.

Horizon is OK. More interesting in the aspect of free roam open world driving but quite limited compared to Forza 4. And as you say, not many people play it. Horizon 2 is even worse for Xbox 360. Poorly created by some other third party company (Not playground games, they made the Xbox One version) called something like Sumo/Suma Games or something similar. Not uncommon to see review of 4/10 or less

GTA Online is great, but personally I find way to many squeaky twelvies on there when ever I go on, all using terrible quality mics and yelling about someone killing them, puts me off the game sometimes.