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Car:Camaro z28 by: robban_9000

I'll buy it for $15,000!

Looking forward to your PM!

Bad news, i can't give the car. Everytime i try to save it my game crashes. Sorry dude. I'm gonna make new cars soon.

There's actually a different way to do it:
Go to your car lot in your career, and go to the bottom left car slot.
The car on the bottom left is 0, the next one to the right is 1,the next one to the right is 2 etc...
Let's pretend that you're car is in slot 0.
Exit the game and go to YourSLRRDirectory/save/career/yourcareername.
The last thing you need to do is copy out all of your files that start with PlayerCar0.

Thanks but is too late, my slrr was too glitchy, and i had to delete it. Sorry.
Bonba Laifu