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au Australia

You're welcome, I would've made a quick video but then the UL would have taken me 7-15 minutes.

Best of success in your projects, I like the work you're doing to making cars more enjoyable to play with in game. :)

Catch you in a bit mate, I'm gonna go catch some Z's myself.

P's or Q's for RPKs?! I may make a short video/episode attempting to explain them in the simplest way. I know there's a few good tutorials around as well, most videos people zoom and click stuff at MACH 12 XD

I can throw you a rim model if you wish???? any one particular you're looking for???? I'll stay up a few extra minutes now that someones said WHEELS.

To turn the camera as well hold down ALT and press the centre of the scroll wheel down and use mouse to rotate.

You have PM sir :D
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