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Would you like to get the NEW Street Legal 3 with online multiplayer for $20?

95.2% 140
4.8% 7

147 Date 2016-07-11 04:31

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2016-07-20 02:35#270320 holeecrab :

If this project is based from SLRR source code i have a big doubt those plans would be possible (java's a bitch) but if it's based from new code (like Project-R) it may be possible imo.

Also guys, seems "licensed cars" request is kinda over the top lol.

Nobody requested licensed cars, it's Raxat's idea, and he also clearly said that this is a complete new game that will have nothing to do with SLRR so no worries about source code or anything else.

2016-07-20 02:19#270319 Burn Rubber : My name for the game:

SRE(Street Racing Elite): Maximum Tune.

I have started to be more open minded about the whole project. I will be more positive about this.

What about Burnt Rubber ? sounds like a great name :D

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