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pt Portugal

I've been watching the n2o rail java and I decided to calculate how much power those numbers in java can give you(talking about minconsumption and maxconsumption).
And this are the values I got after some calcs:

400hp = 10.90
300hp = 8.175
250hp = 6.8125
200hp = 5.45
150hp = 4.0875
100hp = 2.725
50hp = 1.3625

And for other calcs:

LbsHr*1/3.6 = power in hp

java values * 132.35294 = LbsHr

Hope it can help people :p
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60% of SLRR player's logic:

-Do Huge modpack, with a ton of bad mods;
-Release it and says it have some bugs;
-Release a "DLC" with more mods;
-Tells SLRR is a bad game because it's only bugs and errors and stops with SLRR