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Just got out of jail after street racing. (In roleplay, obviously) :))
All of my cars were lost, so I have to start over. :/

Looked on craigslist and saw this RX7 for a good price.
Went over to buy it, to see that it is all original, including the crap engine that barely moves the car, and the tires which have no grip.
Did I forget to mention the missing headlight and the rust?

Well, anyhow, this is my new project.

Added 5 minutes later:

Curret GC: 10,000

Added 28 minutes later:

Got my headlights all fixed up for 1000GC, and stupidly decided to take the car out to Nevada.

At the beginning, she did fine, although she was slow.

At the hill, though, the RX7 began to leak oil uncontrollably.

I barely got her back before she would not start.
But, hey! I got 2:00 on Nevada! :))

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