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ee Estonia

well im going to join if the roleplay really goes active like it use to

Added 2 hours later:

fine. lets see how this goes :D

so basicly after i got myself a new garage i had money problems, had big taxes and stuff but for now i have ridiculess amount of new customers so i saved up and i finally bought myself a project car

yes i got an R34, and i only bought chassis (which was factory new) and right now you can see my progress

but right now i drive a honda and all i did to it was that i but a turbo and a street manifold and it has 9000 rpm with 287hp if not mistaken

and yeh i got a time 1:17.063s, this car only wheelspins until it gets its topspeed. I guess i have Vtec all time xD

fireful i saw you at the track but you were a hurry to go home, why did you went to jail? :(

anyways fireful sell that rx7 if you want cuz i can actually give you something
i should have come to me and talk about your car problem. you would have left with a car with better condition

and my services are right now 24/7, yes my shop has improved alot :D

fireful if u need some money then you can come to work with me, right now my employee left the shop because he went to live in another country
all you have to do is pick up phone calls and tell other employees that is someone coming to shop or someone order a car,part etc.

and if you are interested then i can say your work time will be 00:00 - 12:00
(24/7 shop now remeber)

Added 1 minutes later:

my current is 140,000 GC
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Roleplay stuff:
Roleplay money: 102,500GC