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I sell or trade these cars

1 °: Toyota Corolla AE86 Hatchback Levin, This stock, without any modification (AE86 JDW MOD), 40000 Miles $ 5500

2 ° Toyota Corolla SR5 / AE85 Coupe Converted to AE86 (It is the ae86 jdw, but I prefer to call it SR5 / AE85 because it looks more like that car), It has: 4AGE Engine Bluetop stock, Suspension of ae86, among other things I got them from an ae86 that I bought to modify it, it was totally stocked and the engine had 58590 miles, I disassembled that hatch and I put everything in this coupe) $ 4000

3 °: Acura RSX Type S, Has no modification, 20000 miles (Mods required: Acura RSX / Honda Integra, Honda K / F Series) $ 7500

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