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2014-07-15 21:51#248003 FRjhracing : hey Singh. Just wanted to shout out a quick thing that may help. There is a program called "editorizer" (made for Rigs of Rods). It's a very simples nodes/ beam editor that exports the model into a list of the points in space for each node into basically a txt file, as well as the associated traits of that node/beam. A great tool for noobs (like myself) to start on. I made my first working vechicle in game model with this program.

Nothing too special, but it was something, And it worked in game. I just don't have the skills to form meshes yet.
Looks like something that may come in handy for BeamNG? :/

I missed your post until now.. that is interesting , looks like the same kind of program i was using above ...

looking at the txt file though im not sure that format is correct for beam with the line numbers on every line. maybe its easily fixed though.
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