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language or comments that are antagonistic,
provocative, slanderous, abusive or confrontational.

posting or linking to any explicit, pornographic
or offensive media; such as sex, nudity or gore
(this includes signatures & avatars)

off-topic, nonsensical, one word or otherwise
pointless and non-contributory posts, double posting
is frowned upon, and only allowed if necessary. Do not
bump a topic unless needed.

or plagiarizing other people's work and claiming it
as your own; such as game mods, images or written content

a new account should only be made if there is a
legit reason; members using another account to break
rules or evade bans will be taken care of appropriately

Breaking these rules will result in a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban being issued by an admin.
Action taken is at the admin's discretion and judgement, but is based on the severity of your rule violation and how often it is occurring. Use common sense for the most part whilst posting and you'll get along just fine.

Where is the search button?

The search button can be found at the top of the page between the 'Articles' and 'Links' tabs.

Can I use add-on maps on 2.3.0?

No, add-on maps are only for 2.2.1 MWM.

My 2.3.0 version doesn't install, what should I do?/2.3.0 install says: cannot find game in the path folder.

You have to add a slash: "/" to the end of the address path.

I can't find a mod I'm looking for, what should I do?

Don't send all the admins PM's about finding mods. There is a topic about that in the forum called 'Car/Part Search'. Try that. Do NOT ask in any other topic.

How can I use all engines in all cars?

Use SLRR editor by Sparky. You can find it in the download section.

My game has crashed what do I do?

Look in the SL Series F.A.Q./Help section, a lot of the crashes have been answered.

How do I get my game to look better?

If you have ATI Go to CCC (catalyst Control Center) Then 3D, And turn Up your AA & AF.
If you have Nviada Go to the Control Panel. Then 3D, And turn Up your AA & AF. Then go download SL ENBSeries and your game will look better.

Why is everyone calling me a "noob"?

The members here are generally kind and laid-back. If you are being called 'noob' then it's because you are conducting yourself in a child-like behavior.

Why don't I get answered when I post my problem in the Shout Box?

The Shout box is for general chat only, not in-depth discussions. If you have a question that needs answering, feel free to post it in the forums.

Can someone convert/model this car for me?

Due to the painstaking nature of creating mods for this game, requests will not be tolerated. Your only options are to either wait for it to be created, or make it on your own.

Can I play SLRR online?

No. Why not? well, why can't you run at light speed? Some things just aren't possible. At this point in time you cannot, and don't expect to anytime soon.

When is the 2.3.1 version coming out?

The development of 2.3.1 is going as fast as possible and I expect the soonest release, so stay tuned.

How do I get a W.I.P. mod?

W.I.P.s are "Work In Progress". SLRR modders have W.I.P.s which are unreleased mods which are being worked on for future release.

How do I get a V.I.P. mod?

V.I.P. mods are mods that are exclusive to a small group of trusted people. These mods are V.I.P. for a variety of reasons. Most of the time they are unfinished mods that the author has no interest in finishing, they may feel that it isn't worth releasing. Sometimes they just wish to keep it exclusive, plain and simple. It is not something we advocate, but we respect the author's wishes either way. The only way to obtain it is to become a trusted member or wait for it to be released.

Every time I go to the city my game crashes, why?

First, the city is buggy. Second to make it work (most of the time) go to your settings in game and turn down draw distance, LOD & object, pedestrians and traffic.

My game won't run on Vista/7 but it did on XP, what happened?

Just right Click Compatibility XP SP2 or 3 and it will work fine.

How do I make cars/engines/parts to work?

If it's a car put the folder (carname)_data and the (carname).rpk in your /cars/racers folder.
For engines put the folder (enginename) and the (enginename).rpk in your /parts/engines folder.
And for part/rimpack/tire/interiors/etc put the folder (partname) and the (partname).rpk in your /parts

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i can link to this as a button or something somewhere

maybe send it as a pm to new users
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Well I only stickied it here since the previous one was 7 years old.
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a pm to new users would be a good idea
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If anyone has anything they'd like to change or add to the rules feel free to do so.
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