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Would you like to get the NEW Street Legal 3 with online multiplayer for $20?

95.2% 140
4.8% 7

147 Date 2016-07-11 04:31

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2016-08-10 23:53#271812 dadud : I would suggest taking a hard look at beamNG.Drive, seems like they want to shoot for a SLRR-like career mode. their deformation tech is top notch.

Man you are right.See I am playing Bmg drive.The game will be competition for slrr.But the best with slrr is that you don't need a gaming PC to play it.To understand what I mean I played 5 years ago slrr with an IBM PC year 1998.Specifications,the worst.And the game worked really well.Now I have a toshiba
Tecra.So that best thing with slrr is the prfomance of it.
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If you want to contract with me:[email protected]
Laptop:Toshiba Tecra AMD radeon 1gb version Intel i5.

RP money:69000GC

What I sell now.
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@Locomanusa: all key features will be saved, including engine building;

@kenq3: I'm against these freemium games where you have to pay to win, so this game will never be like that. It may have some DLC's, but I don't want to set some crazy prices on them. I plan to release an early access version first, time is very important for this game;

@IGnoTon: got a little team now, we can build basic assets for the game and then keep improving it;

@dadud: I keep tracking their project, it's really good.

Actually, best thing in SLRR is a freedom of what you can do with it, that's why it's still alive and this is what I'll try to save. Thanks everyone for voting in this topic! It's now closed, let's vote for the name.
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