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Hi everyone!

I need your help for a little bit. I know the sound files of the gear shifting up and down are in the sound.rpk. But what I need is that, where do them scripted down? I also noticed that shifting in higher gears sounds differently, because of the sound pitch. Heard it, 'cause I tested with different turbo sounds.
So what I really want, is that, If you could tell me where do them scripted, I would create more shift up and down sounds (mostly up, to turbos) to get every transmissions their own created sounding and to the turbos, but this stage would be a test phase. I looked in the transmission.java, engine.java, checked the blocks javas, but there are just only the engine sound, in the sl folder's java files, but can't find where are them.
Or can this solved with other solutions?
Thanks in advance for your help!!!
And sorry for my bad english, and if I write bad topic!
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pt Portugal

It's everything scripted on block javas! You need to search about some of those sounds, some of them you can find in chassis.java, block.java, then you need to import them into engine block java of the mod you want to change! It's not simple but it's how it's done!