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#1\2017-01-04 09:45


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I been noticing most my cars jumping around at low speeds so I did some digging and tracked the issue back to my MrSir suspension arms. When i use the factory slrr arms everything is good. I've tried a fresh download of the mod, and messing around with the java's alil bit and still jumpy with poor handling. I dont see any physics for the arms so I dont think thats either. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
#2\2017-01-07 17:30


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Do you have low fps or lags?It could be problem due to fps drops.Also if you have any other suspension mods or physics mod,try deleting them and see what happens.And maybe it is problem due to wheels you were using at the moment or car.Hope anything work,i haven't saw any problems with MrSir suspension...Oh just remembered,i think there is a rescript for it so try that.That's all :)
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#3\2017-01-07 19:11

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Is it like this for many cars ?

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